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Tender guitar picking, soft voice and heartfelt lyrics. Many try to make this kind of music, but seldom it comes out unique and meaningful. Out of the woods is a newcomer that counts to the few. Behind this lovely name stands a singer, guitarist, pianist, composer and producer (yes, all of that!) Ditte Grube, and she just came out with her debut single “Sunday Reassurance“. The band name is not without reason: Ditte used to work in the East Jutland forests literally taking care of the woods. She would make music when she came home from work. What a mesmerising backstory!

That is precisely the mood you get sucked into when listening to “Sunday Reassurance“. The folky guitar and violin sounds, mixed with Ditte’s delicate but strong vocals, teleport you directly into a magic forest. You can almost hear the tweeting of birds, and the wind blowing in the trees. The accompanying music video supports this impression using dreamy shots of birds flying over the treetops, and two people running towards each other between the trees. These pictures blend with Ditte playing guitar in a what seems like a parallel universe.

But “Sunday Reassurance” is more than just some hippie background noise, and that is what won me over. Ditte is using her full voice to tell a real story, and I believe every word. In short, “Sunday Reassurance” is a song about loving someone with commitment issues.

You think you should remind me
Every Sunday you might leave
Just to feel more reassured
That my love don’t get too deep

It is a song about two sides of a relationship, with one side being fully invested and open. The other one is rather reserved and scared of feelings getting too meaningful – most possibly terrified of getting hurt. Therefore, this person regularly reminds the other that their relationship and feelings are temporary, which is hurtful to their committed partner. Probably, most of us can relate to one side or the other, or even both.

Out of the woods‘ debut album “Birds and Beasts” comes on 12. June. I have a feeling that it is probably going to be the gentle but touching summer soundtrack I have been longing for.

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