We are in the “pop zone” this time of the year and so happy that so many lovely Danish female artists decided to take off the evil charm from the pop genre and spice it up with their unique style. Pop music can be interesting, inspiring and deliver a powerful and important message if done right. The five Danish females we mention below do it just like that – they do it right and that’s why their debuts sound really promising.


This young, powerful lady has been working under the wings of Kill J and boy how we understand why she caught an eye (or more – an ear) of Kill J! Maddy’s debut single “Island” is a piece of very well-thought-out and sophisticated pop music that has an ability to be both: an earworm and a soothing background track. The song has something from Adele and Robyn and the mix is surprisingly fitting.

We can’t wait to hear more of this kind of arrangements coming from Maddy in the future.


Another lovely female debut that came out in March 2020 is SOÈL (a moniker of Tine Soelberg). Her single “Exhale” is a light, joyful but not trivial reminder to let go of what you have inside and be brave to show your colours to the world.

“I am a pop-explosion, and have for many years tried to downplay it. I got this vibe from people like it wasn’t acceptable to be as crazy about straight-up pop as I was. But with the Soél project i have both acknowledged and recognized that pop-music is what flows out of me” – says SOÈL about her music project.

We really enjoy the vibe coming out from the song and need more of this kind of music in our speakers!


There is something familiar, but also so incredibly brand new in Kaizer’s debut single “YOU KILL ME WITH A WORD (aim your gun)”! We can’t get enough of the song, as well as the music video to it. Because they both have a vibe of youth and freshness. At the same time, Kaizer sounds very experienced and mature. Her outstanding and very characteristic vocal is hard to forget.

Would this be a modern, slightly twisted incarnation of Florence and the Machine?


ELBA has been around since a while now, but in March 2020 she released a debut EP “Remember Me” and oh my, we will for sure! Her style is balancing between pop, R’n’B and light electronica. The output is a mix of cosy, intimate and melancholic compositions along with more upbeat, sort of “classically pop” tunes. It’s a really pleasant blend. The EP gives a nice insight into ELBA’s world.

What will she show us next?


Soleima’s debut album “Powerslide” is a great example of the opening sentence of this text. She dived into the pop genre with boldness and freshness and came out with a very unique, tight, extremally well-produced and balanced album. She is young and seems fearless, slightly cocky (in a great way!) and emanates with freedom.

We really hope there will be a chance soon to listen to this bad boy “Powerslide” live.

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