PRISMA is the dream-pop duo Frida and Sirid from Copenhagen. The sisters started writing music together in their childhood home and underlay their lyrics with minimalistic instrumentation. The result: an incredibly calming, comforting sound. Their debut single “Dear Jane” comes out today, 20. March, on Wonderwhy and feels like a warm blanket that comforts your body as well as your soul. I fell in love with their sound instantly and strongly advise you to have a listen.

PRISMA Ladies had a little chat with Good because Danish about their project and music, find out more about them below.

Good Because Danish: Making music with your sister can be very special, as I know from personal experience. How did it come to you both and when did you realize you wanted to go out with it into the world?

PRISMA: Well, we have been playing music since we were kids. We went to a private school in Odense, where they focused on different kinds of creativity, especially music. When we got older, in 2015, did we try to make some cover songs and discovered, that our voices were great together. At the same time, we started to hang out as ‘friends’ and we really enjoyed each other’s company. Then we started to make our own songs and found a guy to play the drums. We have evolved ever since and are now ready to release our first single.

How would you describe your vision with Prisma?

We would like to create a space where the listener can be present and allows the hidden emotions to appear. A place where you can just be.

What inspired you to write „Dear Jane“?

It started by observing the life around us. We are all so busy in the daily, and we wanted to inspire people to be present and more relaxed about the expectations of life. We created this creature, Jane, as a role model for us all. She’s this fragile existence who is acting on her desires and wishes. She dances around through the woods and swims naked in the lakes – but only at night. When the sun comes up, she’s dragged back to reality.

How does your songwriting process go down?

Sirid starts out in her room by recording a draft and then we bring it to our producer, where the next procedure starts in the studio. Together we play with different moods and constellations to find the best surroundings for the song.

What are your plans for the future? Is there more music or even concerts maybe we can look forward to?

We are currently working on a bunch of songs that will become our first EP. We are also rehearsing for some shows and trying to figure out how to establish our project in the best possible way.

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