If you follow Good because Danish, you’ve heard of In Memoirs (solo project of Morten Fillipsen, one of the lead singers of folk/pop band The Grenadines). Beginning of January, In Memoirs released Stay Low” on Celebration Records, a song about accepting that every relationship – no matter how strong – can end at any given moment.

“I asked myself how my mother would feel about watching me grow up and then suddenly go into the world on my own. It must be a great feeling but also a bit strange. All the relations you hold dear one must fight to keep and enjoy them while they last”, Morten Fillipsen says.

I hate to state the obvious, but: In Memoirs do sound a lot like Ben Howard, especially Morten’s voice and the slow-paced song structure, resulting in an emotional outburst in the end. However, “Stay Low” has something unique to it: It is intimate and wise, without being heavy on your heart. Within “Stay Low” lies the certain conclusion one set for himself, which is “every relationship is temporary” – not to sound sad and bitter, but to deeply value and enjoy every moment it does last.

“If you never go then I will stay low
I will hold you and idle for awhile
Cause we were never known to take things slow
So I cherish the time that I have with you”

“Stay Low” comes with a charming music video by Chilie Hviid Orloff, picturing Morten on a ferry. He just keeps sitting quietly on a bench for the longest part of the video, sun shining in. In the end, he is finally standing up and looking out into the sun and out on the water. You could call it understatement, I call it pleasantly calm and minimalistic, focusing on the music and lyrics instead of fancy clothing or wanna-be deep looks into the camera.

It’s just Morten, and that is what I think describes In Memoirs‘ sound the best: It’s just Morten. Authenticity, radical honesty, no pretending, no cover-up. I’m so glad I came across this.

You can see In Memoirs live this spring, and I am definitely not missing that. I can imagine this music very well in an intimate live venue.

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