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   Either you are here by accident or you are following Good because Danish , I would like to invite you to celebrate with us today, as today – 23. February 2020 – the blog turns 9!

   When I was sitting at my desk back in 2011, setting up the blog and writing the first post about Turboweekend, I didn’t have the slightest idea what an amazing adventure it will all become. It’s nine years later, great Danish music to share keeps coming our way, we have had many truly amazing people creating the blog over the years, collaborated with inspiring artists and awesome people from the Danish music industry. Good because Danish went from an evening hobby of one person to an international project run by people from all over the world, with passion for music and a set of remarkable skills in many different areas. Still, the most important thing is – it is so fun to be a part of the experience!

   Today, we let ourselves at the GbD Team to look back and share some of our highlights of being a part of this project.

  I, personally, am completely unable to choose one experience that was the best. Good because Danish is my baby. I am so happy and so grateful that it is growing, maturing and moving forward surrounded by amazing people who take such good care of it, even in times when I am not able to. Apart from all the amazing Danish acts I got to know, concerts and interviews, skills learnt from creating the page, I think the ultimate best thing that I take from this adventure every day is – friendship.

Thank you, Simone, Marie, Katharina, Mirjam and Paweł for being not only amazing partners in crime but also – for being great friends!

All the best,
Arletta // Good because Danish

Good because Danish Team highlights


   Incredible that Good Because Danish is turning 9 already – and even more incredible that I had the chance to join this wonderful team of music enthusiasts already 4,5 years ago. What an exciting ride!

   Thinking about the highlights is really hard because there have been so many. Countless interviews with the most interesting people in the Danish music industry, new impulses, thoughts and just sharing a deep love for music. What could be more amazing? But I think, if I am to name a highlight, then I can mention two: my very first personal interview with two of my most favourite Danish musicians, Lydmor and Tomas Hoffding from WhoMadeWho. I was super nervous, constantly thinking: how might this be? How might it go? And, in the end, it was just amazing! These personal encounters are the ones that matter and give your music pulse a real jump up!

   The second and most recent Good Because Danish joy was a concert of Efterklang in Munich. It was my first concert with the band, but one of the evenings that are made to stick because there are emotions, there is this “togetherness”, this “willingness to share and to feel” and this music that just goes to your heart and leaves you with a feeling of excitement for the rest of the week. And isn’t this exactly what music is all about? Thanks Good because Danish team for having me!


   I have been with Good Because Danish for 3 years, and, looking back at those, I struggle to pick one highlight. There were so many. From getting to interview the artists that inspired my love for music in the first place, to photographing Denmark’s biggest venues and festivals, it has been one hell of a journey.

   Perhaps, SPOT Festival 2018 stood out to me just a little bit more than many other incredible memories. The lineup back then could not have been more perfect, and the otherwise gloomy Danish weather treated us to a rare 3 days of sunshine and warmth. We had a wonderful time with Arletta and Katharina in Aarhus and saw so many lovely bands, like Small Time Giants, Virgin Suicide, The Radar Post and more. Since then, the bar for my SPOT Festival experience has been set sky-high. The 2019 edition didn’t come anywhere near in comparison, so I am excited to see what 2020 has in store…

From the left: Katharina and Marie from GbD Team at SPOT Festival 2018


   When I became a part of GbD Team in 2016 I didn’t expect that all my musical dreams will come true so quickly, in order of achievement:

  • First of all, I have fulfilled the main one – I visited Denmark, where I met so many people sharing my passion for Danish music
  • I had a chance to interview my favourite Danish artist – Trentemøller, while he played in Poland
  • I heard live two great artists from the Faroe Islands during their common tour in Poland: Eivør Pálsdóttir and Konni Kass
  • and last but not least – I had a hug with Lydmor! Just after her flawless show in Warsaw. Almost 10 years after I had heard her debut single “Electric Mistress”. It was an incredible experience to watch her evolution as an Artist <3


   I am very new to Good Because Danish, in fact, I just started publishing articles on here last year. It’s incredible that this blog is celebrating nine years already! At Reeperbahn Festival 2019, I met Arletta and Katharina who video interviewed Lydmor at a showcase I was working at. When I saw that they were looking for new writers, it called to me. Even though I hadn’t written for quite a long time, they welcomed me with open arms.

   Not only was I allowed to write full reviews from the start, I was also able to publish one of my long-time essay ideaswriting about mental health in the music industry. I am genuinely happy to have come across this welcoming community that Good Because Danish is. Thank you, Arletta, for giving me the opportunity to participate in this fantastic world of music, words and feelings you built. And thanks to the whole team for giving me such a warm welcome :)

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