Jacob Bellens is close to our hearts at Good because Danish, as we consider him one of the best lyric writers from Denmark. With his solo project, he continues to prove that point. He also always had an interesting approach to the visual side of his music. Today we are very happy to premiere a video clip to his new single “Bread and Butter”, released via hfn music, the first snippet of the upcoming new album (premiere in April 2020).

Each of us probably was going through life sort of asleep, constantly waiting for something “big” to happen that will change our lives, instead of doing something to make the change ourselves. Does it sound familiar to you? Jacob Bellens captures this state of mind in the new song perfectly, by – sort of brutally – calling it by name out loud. He literally sings “year after year just slips through your fingers”. “Bread and Butter” is a sad song, but it contains this kind of sadness that doesn’t necessarily put you down, but rather gives you clarity and perhaps slightly pushes towards a change.

The whole song is an upfront confrontation with feelings and thoughts we rather keep unspoken. “Bread and Butter” lyrics are wrapped into a light-sounding melody, which in some weird way underlines the melancholy of them even more.

Jacob Bellens does a hard task of saying stuff for us, helping us to realize some painful facts and he accompanies them with a video clip that underlines them in a gentle yet powerful way. Fryd Frydendahl and Nis Bysted – the creative directors of the clip – made a video which shows us how time really flies and our lives pass by without us doing much about it. Using some very simple images, they deliver a very strong message. It’s especially moving in a way to see Jacob Bellens just sitting or standing there, singing the song and he is truly “real” in the video clip. The trick with lyrics appearing on the screen as in a movie adds up the power to the song’s message, as you can read every word and by seeing it on the screen, you take it all in.

Dive into “Bread and Butter” song and video clip (concept and creative direction: Nis Bysted & Fryd Frydendahl, DOP: Albert Hildebrand and Signe Emma) while waiting for the new Jacob Bellens album release, and if you’re in Denmark or Germany this spring, don’t miss one of his concerts.

Jacob Bellens – Spring Tour

23.04.2020 – Copenhagen (DK): Lille Vega – Event on Facebook
24.04.2020 – Aarhus (DK): Atlas – Event on Facebook
25.04.2020 – Odense (DK): Posten – Event on Facebook
05.05.2020 – Hamburg (DE): Turmzimmer – Event on Facebook
06.05.2020 – Cologne (DE): Subway – Event on Facebook
07.05.2020 – Munich (DE): Folks! Club – Event on Facebook
09.05.2020 – Berlin (DE): Frannz Club – Event on Facebook

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