Glædelig Jul! Merry Christmas! No matter where are you from and what you believe in, Christmas time and end of the year is always a very special period. I believe we all experience it in our own way and take something else from it. We have a lot to be grateful for at Good because Danish and this is what this post will be about…

First of all, as 2019 and this decade are coming to an end, we at Good because Danish want to thank you for visiting our page and social media channels and letting us share our thoughts about great Danish music for yet another year. It is a pleasure to see that thanks to our initiative you can get to know the amazing, vivid, diverse and rich Danish music scene and its best representants. We already know we will have a lot of fun sharing more stuff with you in 2020!

Second of all, on a slightly more personal note…

Here’s what I take this year from the Christmas time

   As I came home for Christmas last Saturday and had a bit of peaceful time for myself, I started thinking about the passing year and everything that happened in my life and in Good because Danish’ life. This is my favourite part of Christmas time and this is what I take from it – it is a great moment of the year when I can stop, look back and be grateful for all the good things that happened and all the lessons learnt. Perhaps this year more than any other I feel the need to say “THANK YOU” and express my gratitude out loud. In the frightening times we live in, in all the madness around, this Christmas I truly want to focus on the good stuff.

   I could go on and on about how thankful I am to all the amazing Danish artists whose music brightened my days in 2019. We do go on about in on Good because Danish – you can find our series “Most important Danish albums of the decade” on the blog and a list of our team’s favourite releases of 2019 on Facebook and Instagram.

   I could also go on and on about great concerts and festivals we attended and shared the experience with you in 2019.

  You could have read about all that on Good because Danish already, so I figured I will share my gratitude for working behind the scenes with the most amazing people.

All I want for Christmas is YOU

   Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” hit no.1 on Billboard this Christmas season and one thing in this song speaks to me: it’s not about where you are or what you do. It’s all about YOU – all about the people next to you. As 2019 is coming to an end, I’m most grateful for the amazing people met on the way of making Good because Danish.

   As you might know, this project is since a good few years a group project – and oh boy, you can envy us the team we have! If you haven’t already, go to our AUTHORS section and “meet” the amazing people behind Good because Danish: Marie, Katharina, Simone, Paweł, since last week – Mirjam. Thanks to them you can read awesome content, see phenomenal photos and watch cool and fun video interviews. This fun little group is the best example that good things happen when good people are around and I am personally incredibly thankful to each of them for the awesomeness they bring to Good because Danish with them.

A wrap-up is always an opening

   This year Good because Danish attended a bunch of cool events, hit 3000 likes on Facebook, brought awesome concert photos to you (thanks Marie!), started playing with video interviews, turned 8 years old (yeap, the big 10 is coming closer!), started spreading the range of texts and speaking about stuff around and in between when it comes to music. We grew as a team, as writers, editors, social media specialists, graphic designers, programmers and most of all… as people. Perhaps it sounds a bit cheesy but is definitely true.

   I am more than certain that in 2020 Good because Danish will become even more awesome and will continue to share the best Danish music with you in the spirit of inclusion and an open mind. We will keep in mind that music is so much more than just new releases, that the whole point of doing this is to have fun and to share our passion for Danish music, that if you try to do good and you’re true to yourself, the good energy comes back to you.

   I am grateful and proud that this baby called Good because Danish is growing, spreading its wings and spreading some joy and positive vibes around. As long as there are good people and good music, we can do anything!

   Thanks for 2019, see you in 2020!

All the best,
Arletta // Good because Danish

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