Interview: PENNY POLICE x “Be Lucky” album x Reeperbahn Festival 2019

After a few quiet years, Penny Police released a highly-anticipated album “Be Lucky” on the 27. September 2019. What can we say? It was definitely worth the wait!

Eight songs on “Be Lucky” create a powerful statement through the gentleness and grace of Penny Police’s vocals and melodies she put together for the compositions. Lyrically, the album is also very strong – speaking about staying true to yourself, becoming freer in feeling whatever it is we feel, looking at yourself with more kindness and – as the title suggests – being happy more.

The title song is particularly special when it comes to presenting the listener – some would say – a few obvious points which for some reason we forget about so often. Penny Police sings “we have to belong, but we don’t have to fit”. And I think along with “Be lucky”, the verse sums up the new album perfectly. Penny Police is trying to tell us – you can feel as you want to, you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you need, your emotions are okay to have, whatever they are. “Be Lucky” speaks about these things in such a graceful and delicate way, that makes Penny Police‘s points somehow more heard. Perhaps in this crazy, loud, extraverts-ruled world, a calm whisper is something we need and something that makes us stop and truly hear the message.

We were able to catch Penny Police’s showcase performance at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg a few weeks ago and our author Katharina had a lovely chat with her about the concert, how becoming a Mom affected her art and about the message on her new album “Be Lucky”. You can watch the video interview on YouTube now.