UHØRT Festival first took place in Copenhagen in 2013 and featured The Minds of 99, who, at the time, were merely just another upcoming name. Since then, the festival has been showcasing the best of Denmark’s rising talent every August.

Ultimately, events like UHØRT are perfect for discovering your next favourite band from the Danish music scene. So, if you are coming down to Vesterbro this sunny weekend, remember to stay curious! We have prepared a shortlist of the artists on this year’s line-up that we are especially thrilled to see.

Firs – 23. August / 17:10 / Skatescenen

It is hard to pinpoint the exact style of Firs. They self-describe as “Danish punk poetry that moves between mentally expanding themes about space, about time, and about the anxiety that strikes us all” and “the sound of a noisy futuristic kraut-universe and a lyrical mashup of heavy Nietzsche and light-footed Star Trek”. If you are still no closer to understanding what to expect, press play on their debut single “Det Svimler” and suddenly the artistic analogy starts to make sense.


BYLJA – 23. August / 21:10 / Skatescenen

The Danish duo BYLJA, aka Marchel Mørk og Emil Aagaard, brings together digital and analogue elements. Together they create dreamy and melancholic electronic melodies. BYLJA’s sound is characterized by computer, analogue synthesizer, electric guitar and bass tones.


Nuri – 23. August / 22:30 / Skatescenen

Nuri, producer and percussionist, is originally from Tunisia but found his home in Copenhagen. Nuri mixes African sounds with bass and percussion. His music celebrates his Tunisian background and lets you dive into his musical universe.


Theo X – 23. August / 23:10 / Gårdscenen

Theo X learned to play the guitar when he was 11 years old. He always dreamed of singing and playing on stage. Now Theo X’s dream has come true. He describes his music as “Glam Pop” and wants to be open and honest as a musician – the Danish equivalent of George Michael. His songs are colourful, magical and groovy.


UHØRT Festival 2019
23-25.08.2019 – Copenhagen (DK): Enghavevej 80, 2450 København – Event on Facebook

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