photo by Marie Oleinik

The magical summer festival season is on all over Europe – which of course includes Denmark.

Good because Danish authors Katharina and Marie take the tour around wonderful DK summer events this year and the Musik i Lejet Festival was one they very much looked forward to – read about their impressions and made sure you will be able to join next year!

Katharina’s impressions

A kilometre-long stretch of white sandy beach touched by crystal clear blue saltwater, mysterious dunes and the edge of the deep woods. Every July this is the place where the Danish music festival Musik i Lejet takes place. The festival sells out fast every year, many try to still get tickets until minutes before the festival. But what is so special about Musik i Lejet?

How many times have I heard “oh, you are going Musik i Lejet, it has been very posh but all my friends are going every year now as well”?. Retrospective, this sentence exactly descried the atmosphere but in a good way. Gorgeous summer houses with a fancy car left in front, cute shops surrounding, vivid streets with small restaurants and bars, gorgeous sunsets at the beach, and during the festival a bustle of hundreds of festival-goers- a mixed crowd: the perfectly dressed-up, the young, the old, music enthusiasts, musicians and I heard members of the Royals joined as well.

The festival area included three stages, and Fiskebar a big beer tent where you could find your favourite Danish act play. My favourite performances this year were Phlake, Palace Winter, AV AV AV, and a special shout out to The William Blakes. Later at night, the smaller scenes turned into a big after-party where the remaining could dance and sing along until the sun rises or you lay in the sand by the water and watch the stars fall and listen to the ocean… nevermind.. and listen to the buzzing of the people.

Marie’s impressions

The awesome thing about music festivals in Denmark is just how different they all are from each other. Even when the lineup for the season is similar, it is the atmosphere that makes them unique. Musik i Lejet was, of course, also special.

Situated on a beautiful beach in Tisvildeleje, about an hour away from Copenhagen, Musik i Lejet is the perfect summer getaway from the buzz of the city.

This year the sold-out edition of the festival featured some of our favourite Danish acts like Phlake, Karl William and First Hate.

The first two played Strandscenen, the biggest stage, while First Hate invited the public into a tightly-packed Bodega tent.

While we all want to see our favourite bands play massive stages, some of them are best enjoyed in a more compact setting. First Hate is, perhaps, one of those bands. As soon as the first song filled Bodega, the red tent turned into one sweaty mess. The Copenhagen duo (maybe now a trio with an addition of a lady with a magical voice?) have some of the strongest stage presence in the scene. Anton (lead singer) simply does not standstill. He jumps around the stage like it is his playground, throwing some funny dance moves every now and then. His energy is contagious and guarantees to put you in a good mood.

photos by Marie Oleinik

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