It is summer, it is hot – and we expect happy, shiny summer tunes all around us. By default. Right? But just the ordinary is not the way how it usually goes with Select Captain.  Luckily. Because this brings us a brand new track from him called “Mighty Fine”.

In a folky, upbeat-ish tune Select Captain gives us a new track, that is an out-take of his latest album.  And yes, it is maybe not the most summer-ish number, nevertheless, it delights us with emotional lyrics and deep insight in a soul, that is fighting with or maybe also against self-destructive behaviour. “Mighty Fine” sees the world at the intersection of being too hard on yourself and also looking at the world and asking yourself if you are the only sane person around.

And let’s be honest, even if this is no beach-track, isn’t this topic and the feeling Select Captain shares with us matching summer quite well? How often are we too hard on ourselves when everyone is supposed to be in party mode during summer? How often we feel lonely or maybe not matching what everyone else is doing or feeling? And how often do we not admit it?

So, we are very happy that we have this summer companion track now, that is our silent, but strong friend over summer, in the moments, that we might be enjoying a quiet glass of wine on our balconies or take a little road trip to the next lake to have a relaxing evening.

Make sure to have this melancholic, but the comforting and deep track on your summer playlist!

P.S. For all of you based in Denmark, don’t miss Select Captain play at Jyllinge Festival on 16th of August

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