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Good Because Danish has been following Jesper Nohrstedt and Mads Vadsager, better known as Dusin, since the release of their first EP “Halvtolv” back in 2018. Now, with a year worth of songwriting, recording and touring behind their backs, Dusin are out with a brand new second EP “Alle Farver”. Eager to find out more, we met up with the duo in Copenhagen to talk about new music, festivals and touring adventures.

How did you guys meet, and how did the project Dusin come to life?

Jesper: We met each other at a songwriting camp, where we got paired for a session, and it went really well. We had a couple of hours at our disposal, and pretty early on we were set to make some sort of a pop song. We were really happy with the result, so we decided to keep working together and explore what other music we can create.

How different was the process of making your new EP “Alle Farver” from your first one, “Halvtolv”?

Jesper: “Halvtolv” was different because we first had to figure out our sound and what kind of EP we wanted to make. We only had this idea that it should be laid back pop music. Then we wanted “Alle Farver” to sound more melancholic. Also, bit noisier, if you will. We decided to experiment with the lyrics and instruments and try not to make it sound too polished. We tried to not be afraid to use samples and sounds that normally wouldn’t go into pop production.

Mads: The biggest difference is that a lot of tracks on the first EP were made before we even launched the project Dusin, so, in a way, at the time we could do whatever we wanted.

Jesper: Then, creating “Alle Farver” took a lot of time and a lot of weird demos which are never going to be released.

Mads: But I think in this process it is important to make some tracks that you don’t want to release because that’s how you find the ones that you do.

What feedback have you received for “Alle Farver”?

Mads: It has been mixed, but we are receiving a lot of kind messages. Before the release, we went on a little tour around Denmark. When we played older songs, it was really great to see people singing along. We hope that when we play the new EP, people will want to join in and sing along too.

When you create music together, in what way does each of you contribute?

Jesper: Mads is the producer, but he is also a songwriter like me. And I am obviously the lead vocalist. But we don’t say “you do this and I do that”. Instead of wasting energy on assigning roles, we give each other space for creativity.

In the past few years, you have played a lot of shows around the country. Do you have any fun tour stories to share?

Jesper: The first one that comes to my mind is a show we played in a high school just outside of Aarhus. We played a song “Gror Fast”, where the lyrics go “vi to gror fast som velcro” which means “you and I stick together like velcro” and some girl threw a shoe on stage. I was really confused about why she did that until it was too late and I realised – it was a velcro shoe. I was like “ahh, I see what you mean!”. Also, they knew all the songs. We had released the EP one day before that show, so they listened to all of the songs in the morning and knew all the lyrics by the evening. That was really cool!

If you were to organise your own festival, which names would you put on the lineup?

Jesper: I would love to see Bisse!

Mads: And Connan Mockasin.

Jesper: Yeah, Connan Mockasin! We have a thing for Soft Hair, I don’t think they exist anymore, but maybe they will reunite for our festival. We would also have Barselona.

Mads: That was three, who else should we invite?

Jesper: Maybe The Minds of 99?

Mads: You know you can go to literally any other festival and see those?

Jesper: True, but we need to give people a fællessang. What about Poul Krebs?

Mads: Yes, he can come instead of Minds. Joking, I like Minds. They both can play. But maybe we should also invite a female to have some diversity?

Jesper: Soleima, obviously. We have found a lot of inspiration in her music. She is awesome!

What are your favourite Dusin songs?

Mads: The new ones tend to be my favourite, so now it is “Mens Alting Størkner”.

Jesper: Mine is “Det Vi Andre Tænker” because the lyrics mean a lot to me. It is written about one of my childhood friends and feels very personal for me to sing live.

Have you already had a chance to meet some dedicated fans?

Jesper: Yes and we are so grateful! We have some fans who show up at almost every concert. It is really unbelievable and amazing. At the end of the day, that is who we do all of this for.

All your songs so far have been in Danish. As Dusin gets bigger, would you consider releasing music in English?

Jesper: Well, before I met Mads, I used to write lyrics in English. So I don’t have anything against it, and I wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s just that when we write in Danish, it comes out more… how do you say it… nuanceret.

Mads, laughing: He means nuanced! There you have it, that is exactly why we write in Danish!

What should we expect from Dusin in the future?

Mads: The next step is a full album. It is going to involve a lot of sweat and tears, but it is an obvious step for us to take now after two EPs. We have a lot of plans, and we are looking forward to sharing them in due time.

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