SELECT CAPTAIN – Tour life photo-diary

Select Captain has been a good companion for our Danish music loving ears over the last years. He has delighted us with his melancholic but nevertheless melodic songs and has comforted us with his soft and comforting voice. Many of his songs are constant visitors on our playlists and are the perfect match for a quiet summer evening or a lazy Sunday in.

But what happens, when Select Captain is not working on new songs home in Denmark, but is on tour abroad? Good because Danish was lucky enough to get in touch with him and have a sneak peak behind his tour life. Have a look at some very personal pictures and enjoy the stories from the tour life of Kristian Gaarskjaer alias Select Captain.

  • iPad: My iPad is quite essential when I'm touring alone. There's so much waiting time and long nights at hotels and I love all sorts of dramatic TV-shows. Right now I'm watching Knightsfall. On this tour though I had my good friend Anders with me in Germany and my Dad was with me in Holland, so it wasn't as essential as it usually is.