With their new album “Are We OK?” the Copenhagen-based dream pop band Another Juggle invite you on a somewhat existential journey. 

It is one of those albums that makes the listener completely zone out of reality. You press play on the first track, and it instantly carries you away to a distant dreamlike universe. Go for a walk through the city with no particular destination and allow this album, rather than yourself, to lead the way – see where it takes you. The synths, soft drums and silvery vocals come together in perfect harmony to create a kind of hypnagogic atmosphere and encourage one to daydream, wonder and contemplate. The record is rich with traces of Nordic melancholy, which leaks through every song, but especially “So What” and “The Spree”.

With our music, we would like to create new worlds in the listener’s head” – says Anders Cederblad Knudsen,and we feel that dream pop is a very eminent genre when you want to escape reality for a while.”

The synthesizer solo is a recurring element on “Are We OK?” and – perhaps – the main ingredient that went into creating the album’s special flavour.

We stand on the shoulders of a lot of bands, but we are also constantly looking for new expressions. So when Thomas [Haahr] one evening began to improvise on an old Yamaha synthesizer, which was smeared in effects, it suddenly became very clear that there should be a dreamy synth solo on the album. And soon enough one solo turned into many” – says Emil Eggert Scherrebeck.

40 minutes into the journey, as the last track Revisited” comes to an end, suddenly the outside world feels different, as though something had changed. But you don’t feel like going back out there just yet, do you? So go ahead and play it again – “Are We OK?” is undoubtedly the kind of a record that demands to be appreciated over and over again.

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