It’s the SPOT Festival time of the year again and once more the Good because Danish team can’t wait to visit the beautiful and cosy city of Aarhus to experience the new emerging talents on the Danish music scene. 

The line-up of SPOT Festival 2019 is filled with a lot of fresh names and a few of which you could hear already (especially if you follow Good because Danish ;) ). Our team of authors went through the rich programm and picked up 8 Danish acts you can’t miss at this year’s festival.


Aksglæde’s EP “Hvorfor Kom Du Overhovedet?” only came out in February 2019 and immediately solidified its place in my music library. Explosive pop bangers like “PromilleRomantikken” and a beautiful slower ballad “Søerne” easily make Aksglæde one of the most exciting Danish pop acts of the moment. A recent collaboration with Anya, “Det Værste Det Bedste”, certainly made me look forward to seeing Aksglæde even more!

Marie’s choice

Bisse & Aarhus Symfoniorkester

Seeing Bisse was undoubtedly one of my biggest highlights of SPOT Festival 2018. When he was announced to play again this year, I knew that I would not miss it. This time, however, is going to be very different. SPOT Festival 2019 will see Bisse with a Symphony Orchestra and a new, 9th album “Tanmaurk”. Through the songs in “Tanmaurk”, Bisse explores the Danish history and culture, which is already a good enough reason for us at Good Because Danish to attend. Every time Bisse releases an album, or makes a performance, it is something completely unlike the last time, and that is why he still remains such an interesting and exciting act. By the way, check out our interview with him from last year’s SPOT Festival if you want to find out more about Bisse’s creative ways.

Marie’s choice


This artist cought my attention with the first beats of her song “Foolish Ways”. ZAAR combines the Björk vibe with sounds of warm spring wind playing with the hair and pleasuring the skin with gentle touch. Her music delivers an explosion of feelings and has a very special energy, which I hope will be created at the SPOT concert as well.

Arletta’s choice


There is a very strong female representation at this year’s SPOT Festival line-up, in different genres and constelations, which I love! One of the new faces on the Danish music scene that already stands out – in the pop/r’n’b category – is definitely ELBA. She already made it to be one of the acts performing at Roskilde Festival Countdown stage this year, so I know there’s something exciting coming up! With two singles and a new one coming up end of April, ELBA became one of those fresh, fearless new artists which I hope will blossom at SPOT Festival.

Arletta’s choice

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