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It has been over a year since Virgin Suicide released their beautiful second album “Forever Trouble”. We would be lying if we said we didn’t miss them!

On this sunny April Friday we are so happy to premiere the new song by the Copenhagen five-piece.

The sound of “Plastic Chair” distantly channels the earlier Virgin Suicide vibes, something from the 2015 self-titled album era. Perhaps, that could be because the band has once again collaborated with Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes) to mix the new tunes. Either way, we at Good Because Danish have admired Virgin Suicide since the very first EP in 2012, and every song has been a bouquet of emotions. “Plastic Chair” would fit well into a road trip playlist, as one is driving down a highway on a summer evening with some friends. It would be, however, one of those drives where the wind turns cold, and you get carried away by some dark thoughts, and the rest of the ride you just sit in silence and contemplate.

“Plastic Chair is about a distance growing wider and wider between society and oneself,” explained Terkel Atsushi (guitar), “a blogger-like contempt for what the sports life capitalism can be experienced as. I unsubscribe, so to say.”

Virgin Suicide will release a new EP on 14. June 2019, and we are absolutely looking forward to it. Hoping for a tour announcement as well, of course!

We are very proud of the new songs. It feels good to work with ourselves as producers, but have Sune Wagner back behind the knots. His mixing is a perfect match for our songs and it feels like we’re home, but heading towards new experiences” – says Martin Grønne (lead singer).

We expect nothing but excellence from Virgin Suicide’s upcoming EP, and we are sure they will deliver. Like they always do.

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