Danish music has a lot to offer and we find many songs we keep coming back to, as well as new stuff which end up on “Repeat 1”. These days the four songs you can find below are on a loop in our speakers. 

These days I listen to…

Kill J – Addicted

Kill J is the Good because Danish all time favourite act and whatever she brings on the table we take and we are never disappointed. With her new single “Addicted”, the feeling of experiencing the birth of a truly extraordinary musical persona is even stronger. 

With the new track, Kill J shows a little twisted and teasing side. Flirting with the listener, she is the one whom you can get “addicted” to. With each song coming before the release of Kill J’s debut album we can clearly see that there is a very strong, charismatic woman behind the project, but that woman is also aware of her feminin side, her fragile spots and uses both elements – the strenght and fragileness – to create a musical univers of her own. 

The beat in the new song can really suck you in, as well as a really great video clip to the song. Warning – you might end up truly addicted to “Addicted”!

Ida Kudo – Born in the Sun

After a very well received EP “Gold” (with an amazing single “Ghost” among other great songs) Ida Kudo delivers a new single “Born in the Sun”, which has the same powerful atmosphere as her previous compositions, yet also brings something new to the mix.

The characteristic underlined drum beat is something that Ida Kudo presents in the songs. The sound compliments her vocal in a very unique and awesome way. In “Born in the Sun”, it somehow creates calm atmosphere, even though the song is full of life. There is something both enormously vivid and steady in the sun – Ida Kudo’s new single reflects that perfectly.

TÅRN – Omkuld

This Danish band is a very unique gem, not only because their lyrics are in Danish. The cosy, sort of lazy style of the music, the multi-layers of sounds and very melodic compositions make TÅRN a great band. Hearing Danish in their song is an additional plus, especially for those who would like to learn the language (like yours truly, who is really happy that in “Omkuld” the words are pronounced very clearly and sand slow). 

Dragonborn, Coco – Lookin’ for Lovin’

We were going through our Danish music archives lately and stumbled upon this gem. The flow of “Lookin’ for Lovin'”, its mix of softness and coldness, everything about this song is somehow taken from another Universe. A perfect track to just go somewhere else with your thoughts. And Coco O.‘s mesmerising vocals are soothing as always.

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