Today on Good because Danish we proudly premiere for you the Danish alt-rock Duo PBSM, also known as Pitch Black Spinney Machine’s video to their latest single “Rainbow Girl”. For this video project the two guys, Lauritz Carlsen (vocals, guitars) and David Tholander (bass, drums), collaborated with no other than the professional South Korean longboarder Jin Choi.

When you watch the video, it is not hard to tell that the song was written and produced during the unusual Danish super Summer of 2018. All you did was being outside, enjoying long summer days and the fresh summer breeze by the harbour while escaping non-air-conditioned rooms. The heat wave hit Denmark and slowed down life as well as PBSM’s sound. It is the slowest single up to date. It has been recorded in a studio, better said sauna, in Copenhagen during that summer. While sweating in the hot studio, the yearning grows for wide open spaces, the sea, freedom, and unknown spaces.

The video takes you all the way to South Korea, where Jin Choi is dancing on her longboard through the streets of megacity Seoul. Her moves seem dancingly light and delicate, playful and poetic. She invites us into her world of easiness, into the universe of the unexplored realm of our heart.

“Rainbow Girl” is the second single of the duo’s upcoming new EP.  While the first release “Nothing but Strangers” spins together the magical story of two people meeting for the first time, “Rainbow Girl” takes this idea even further. “Rainbow Girl” is about “playing on sexual identities, roles, and gender norms. How this is changing and how boundaries are being pushed and explored.”

Turn up the volume and make sure to watch the video on a big screen TV to see Jon Choi dance on her longboard!


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