We are alongside Ida Wenøe in her musical journey as a solo artist from the very beginning and seeing her grow and re-discover herself in the process is one of the reasons running Good because Danish is so much fun. With her new single “Another Kind of Love” Ida shows us a melancholic and sort of sorrowed face, adding a hint of disturbance with a beautiful video clip by Zarko Ivetic.

A simple guitar sound in the background and Ida’s gentle and thoughtful vocals create an atmosphere of the last call in a pub somewhere, in the middle of the night, where this sort of lost, sort of sad soul is dealing with decisions and emotions we all know. It’s never easy to let go of someone, but sometimes we just need something else. We can’t go on the way we did so far. We need to admit, in front of ourselves, that saying goodbye is the best option. 

“Another Kind of Love” is a song about thoughts accompanying those decisions. The video clip made by Zarko Ivetic is a perfect image to it. The dark, slightly disturbing vibe of it echoes the song lyrics, giving them a bit of a shift and a different meaning. 

Ida Wenøe has been able to create a very special intimacy feeling in her songs, mixing roughness with delicacy and it’s still present in “Another Kind of Love”. The song makes you want to cry and at the same time giving a shoulder to cry on.

“Another Kind of Love” is a preview of Ida Wenøe’s second album “The Things We Don’t Know Yet”, out 12. April 2019. We can’t wait to listen to the whole new record and find out if the dark melancholic vibe is present in more songs. 

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