Just yesterday we wrote about Kill J’s new single “Silver Spoon”. Because we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you. Today we are very pleased to premiere the lyric video to the song on Good because Danish!

Yes, as you can see, we are obsessed with Kill J and her music! But apart from the AMAZING (it requires CAPS LOCK) songs, she also gives us always intriguing andthought-provoking video clips. It’s no different with the lyric video to “Silver Spoon”.

Created by the artist under the name Pix3lface, the lyric video immediately drags you into the world of puzzling images. The lyrics to “Silver Spoon” don’t have many words, yet they say a lot. Which is kind of “the Kill J play” – she puts together several phrases which may seem “not-suspicious” at all, but the outcome is that they pinch you, like an annoying mosquito. It doesn’t fight to get your attention, it’s just there and its sound becomes the only thing you can think of after a while. 

Why is it a good thing? – you might ask. It is because what Kill J sings about is important. And the video clip to “Silver Spoon” underlines the message in a very sophisticated and gently disturbing way. Because at first you just see the song text appearing on the images of the female bodies – nothing obscene, nothing revealing… you might think. But the more you watch it, the more you start wondering – is it really just so simple: nice song with nice, almost innocent images? 

We leave you with this question and an invitation to really look into this lyric video to “Silver Spoon”. It’s a great example of how less is more in some ways. 

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