A lot of strong, creative women releases new music in Denmark these days and we are very happy about it! One of them is Amanda Rakel, whose video clip to the single “Up” we are thrilled to premiere for you today on Good because Danish.

The laid-back song is a perfect soundtrack for a little break during a busy day when you get frustrated, overworked and lose faith in yourself a little bit. When you need someone, something, to pick you UP.

Amanda says about “UP”:

“I wrote “UP” for my mum, who was going through a tough time. She’s been one of the most instrumental people in helping me fight my own battles with mental health, so to suddenly be on the other side experiencing her navigate her own internal battles, was a new perspective for me. I wrote UP in hope of being able to encourage, not just her, but anyone struggling, to continue fighting and remind them that there is always hope. I also hope people realise from this song that they don’t have to go through it alone, there are people who want to help them and see them succeed.

I try to add lightness to intense subjects, which is why I decided to put lots of colour into the video, especially with the wigs. I asked family and friends to join me in Frederiksberg Gardens to shoot some footage and celebrate the song, as family and friends played an important role in the development of this project. Like my mum, they have been very important on my own path to recovery. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now, and where I am now, is quite a lovely place.”

The song is very uplifting and the video clip to it – very bright and warm. The soft colours give sensuality to the lyrics and images of a cosy gathering of – what appears to be either a family or a group of close friends – underlines in a very simple way what matters the most in life. If the goal of “UP” is to bring a smile to someone’s face – the song along with the video clip definitely do the trick.

We all know life gets really hard sometimes, often a lot of creative masterpieces come out of the pain. Especially the Danish music has a lot of melancholic vibes very often. But Amanda Rakel reminds us that happiness, love, friendship, family, a joy of simple things in life also have huge creative power in them.

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