Even though we all long for spring, the new MALMØ single “Frostbite: The Inevitable End, Part I” brings a breath of cold air which really sticks with you.

Maria Malmø has the voice of an ancient goddess and the music accompanying her is always somewhat mystical and magical.  MALMØ songs caught the attention of Good because Danish right with from the beginning and first song “You”. It is no different with “Frostbite”, which is as addictive as previous releases. A song is a first glimpse of the EP titled “The Inevitable End”, which is going to tell a story in four songs of how the world might collapse if we – humankind – won’t make some drastic changes, particularly in the way we treat nature.

“Frostbite” gives a vision of the endless cold and as MALMØ describes the song:

“Imagine that the seasons stopped changing. That winter comes but never let us go. That ice and snow cover the globe as a kind of man-made ice age we cannot escape. The winter’s glittering dogs are released. There is no way back .. the inevitable end”.

The background of the song is kind of depressing or heavy thoughts provoking, but when it comes to the musical side, “Frostbite” has some sort of calmness and acceptance locked in the melody. As if the winter made everything still and that stillness is a good thing. Maybe we all need the cold to freeze us, otherwise, we are too busy rushing to get nowhere, not finding the time to really look and see what is happening around us. Maybe that is the biggest power of the song – it’s not flashy or provocative in an aggressive way. Yet somehow it really gets to you.

“Frostbite” has a charm of an old fairytale – but not the one filled with glitter and Prince Charming. There is a warning in it. Delivered by MALMØ’s vocals, which are definitely mesmerizing. Vibrant and piercing through. The whole composition is able to put the listener in a zone. I spaced out several times while having “Frostbite” on repeat and felt as if I really went to the future and saw the ice cold world MALMØ sings about. I also think the song can be a metaphor of how we interact with each other today. Isn’t it a bit of an endless winter in the human relations going on?

This is an open question and something to think about – without panic or unnecessary emotions – while listening to MALMØ‘s song and waiting for the next releases.

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