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Kill J created a musical universe that spoke to us at Good because Danish from the very first note. Under the courageous, provocative and powerful exterior, she carries a heart of gold and fragile soul of an inside-out beautiful woman, who knows who she is and wants to scream it to the world and get heard. With her new single “Silver Spoon”, Kill J should get the attention she deserves.

The magic of Kill J is the ability to combine thoughtful, meaningful lyrics with light, innovative music. The things she sings about are never simple, never in one-dimension. Yet the arrangements of the songs make them easier to digest by the listener.  “Silver Spoon” stucks in your head with the bright beat and bouncing melody. On top of it is Kill J stunning vocal, which is both playful and melancholic. 

“Kill J again defines her style as equal parts ironic candy and vicious over a playful, almost child-like xylophone instrumental” – writes Niji Magazine about the new release and we agree 100%. However, we have the feeling that at the end of the day Kill J songs sort of slip out from any kind of box you try to put them into. Even the most custom made just for her. That shows the real uniqueness and innovativeness of Kill J’s music. We believe that she is truly one of the freshest and surprising acts on the Danish music scene right now.

“Silver Spoon” leaves the listener with a feeling of both fullness and hunger. It makes you wanna bounce to the beat, but at the same time sharing a tear. Over what exactly? That’s a good question. If everything you want (need?) is given to you on a silver spoon, why do you feel kind of sad, kind of… not entirely happy? If you give all you can, why you think it’s not enough? Why all the confusion? 

We can’t wait for Kill J’s debut album “Superposition” to be released later this year while listening to “Silver Spoon” and thinking about all those things.

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