The duo IRAH – consisting of Stine Grøn (vocals) and Adi Zukanović (keyboards) – showed on the Good because Danish radar back in 2016 and we are thrilled to hear their new single “Unity of Gods”, announcing the upcoming debut album (finally!).

The song is as captivating, as previous IRAH compositions. It invites the listener to give control to the music to lead the thoughts. Beautiful melody, simple and classy piano sounds and smooth, sensual vocals blend into the mixture of sadness and hope. We can feel as if a dreamy nymph was singing a yearning lullaby when we hear the mesmerizing voice singing “Let the beat of the thunder, reach my longing ears, let it vibrate through my cells, as I take off”. IRAH presents something exceptional with their music. They create an atmosphere of greatness and humility, somehow being able to combine those two contradictions. 

Stine Grøn says about “Unity of Gods”:

“”Unity of Gods” was the very first song we made after our first release. The track started as a playful process but we ended up getting caught in its creation as we progressed into developing its form and musical story. The song is about how you long to stay in touch with both yourself and nature as you feel disconnected to these natural elements because of digital disturbances.” (press)

The feeling of willing to hold on to something that is being lost is present in “Unity of Gods”. The hope for “oneness with all that is” – is it even possible these days? I wonder about it while writing a blog post and listening to IRAH‘s song via a streaming service. Is there naivety in thinking that I can still reconnect with myself and with nature in the XXI century world with all its noise and distractions? Or is it just the bright side of being human – that we can still hope for miracles?

IRAH’s debut album “Diamond Grid” will be released on the 24. May 2019 via the wonderful indie record label TAMBOURHINOCEROS and if all of the songs will be as addictive and alluring as “Unity of Gods”, it will be a “Repeat 1” record of the spring.

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