January was an exciting month for Haab. Her first single “Ocean Eyes” has been launched and we were lucky enough to premiere it just a little while ago. As there is not only a new track by a talented new singer on the Danish music market but also a very interesting story behind, we wanted to know more about Hannah Sommer aka Haab. So we sat down with her and had a little chat about where she is coming from and what we can expect from her during the next months.

Enjoy learning more about this exciting talent:

Good because Danish: Your first single “Ocean Eyes” is about love and fascinations. Tell us a bit more about how you came up with the topic and maybe there is even a real story behind this track?

Haab: Ocean Eyes is a very personal story from my own love life. I’d just got out of a long relationship, felt lost and not able to fall in love or ever be loved again. But then I met this person who gave me the best summer filled with love and fascination for each another. I wrote the song in January last year but only from a strong memory of that beautiful summer. I was alone again. The man was gone, but it was very important to me that the story about this love affair became an eternal song. It reminds me of how strong love can be and I hope to feel it again someday.

If you’d describe your very own sound, how would you do that in three words?

Atmospheric, emotional and honest

You were discovered by Pernille Rosendahl on Instagram. Can you tell us a bit more about your feelings when this happened?

I’m a huge fan of Pernille and her music, so it was a very big moment for me when she gave me attention on Instagram. She set me up to work with the best producer I know – Søren Vestergaard. I am so grateful to her for that.

While growing up, singing in churches played a big role in your life. How much, do you think, did this surrounding influence your musical development?

I think it has had a very important impact on my music life. Even though the church life only was a part of my early childhood, it was in that environment I discovered music with my family. Especially from my Dad because he taught us to perform live with all kinds of Christian songs. It became a natural part of my life and it has certainly made me a stronger singer and performer.

For a certain period of time, you were also thinking about becoming an actress. What made you choose music over acting in the end?

When I was 12 I made a pact with myself that I was going to be an actress and nothing could stop me, so I made a lot of theatre until I was 27. It got harder and harder for me to find the meaning in acting. I still love it, but as a career, it’s too hard. I began to sing a lot in my sisters (Rebekka Thornbech) band when I was 20 and the music slowly crawled back into my life. 3 years ago I said goodbye to acting as my primary goal in life and welcomed music instead. I began to write my own songs and they just flowed right out of me like a neverending stream. It came so naturally to me and I have no doubts about the choice I made.

Do you think your interest in acting influences your live shows?

Definitely! I am very conscious of using my acting experiences when I’m on stage. I feel that I become a better performer and storyteller when I combine acting and singing. For me the two elements are inseparable.

In March you’ll release your second single. Can you give us a little hint what it will be about?

My second single won’t be as light as Ocean Eyes. I’ll might say it’ll be the opposite. It’s about feeling lost and craving/longing for a love you just had but now it’s gone.

What else can we expect from you this year? Will we also see you playing live?

I am hopefully going to release a lot more music this year, and I hope there will be many concerts to follow.

And in case you missed it last time, hit play now and check out “Ocean Eyes”:

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