WE AT SEA – Disappear

Rebekka Søndergaard Mortensen a.k.a. We At Sea released a beautiful EP “Disappear” last year and we are ashamed that we haven’t gotten to cover it on the blog sooner. But better late than never, right? We sincerely recommend you to dive into this extremely well-made piece of Danish music.

“If you want to keep me, let me go, ’cause I need to disappear” – sings We At Sea in the title song from her EP. There is something to it. The whole release is a little bit like that – the music seems to be fading away, almost as if it wanted to disappear. Yet, at the same time, this need for hiding or the feeling of being irrelevant and small – coming out of some lyrics – makes the whole EP even more expressive and strongly heard. The songs’ flow is just perfect and carries the listener on calmly, gently but firmly into the world of deep thoughts, doubts and wonders.

We all have moments in our lifes when we feel a bit lost, thoughtful and melancholic. Sometimes we would like to become someone else for a little while. Another time we caught ourselves wondering about all the bad things happening in the world, realizing how little we can and asking questions which probably can’t be answered. At times, we feel hopeful and stubborn to reach the goals we established, just to get to a point of being powerless. All those moments, all those emotions and thoughts are part of life. They are all locked in the songs on We At Sea “Disappear” EP.

Melodically, “Disappear” EP shows a range of pop’ish tunes, strongly combined with acoustic sound – which all in all gives a very familiar, but also very fresh combination. Sounds like a contradiction? Well, then We At Sea managed to mix two unmixable elements! And she did it really well, adding the smooth vocals on top of the melodies. While listening to the songs, you can get the feeling “did I hear it somewhere already?”, but once you get familiar with We At Sea you will never mistake her songs for anyone else. 

The EP “Disappear” is a lovely example of how music is this amazing thing which can contain sadness, sorrow, hope and deep thoughtfulness and not bringing you down but driving you to move on in life.

We hope to hear more from We At Sea soon.