We are always very excited about introducing you to newly discovered Danish Artists and their wonderful creations. Today we proudly present to you the singer Haab and the premiere of her first single “Ocean Eyes”.

“Ocean Eyes” is the perfect companion for rough and dark winter days longing for the first rays of the warm sun. The song exudes the mood of a particularly successful soundtrack to your adventure escaping the cold outside. Haab had understood well to combine Triphop and Indiepop elements and attractive melodies creating her own beautiful composition.

Haab, aka Hannah Sommer, dreamed of becoming an actress before she started producing music. We are happy that she now invests in pursuing what it seems the love of her life, music. Being brought up by her priest father where music was the focal point, her interest in creating her own music is natural and was always part of her life.It was none other than the talented Pernille Rosendahl, Danish singer (Part of bands  Swan Lee, and The Storm), who discovered Haab and her engaging music on Instagram.

The song’s text is reminiscent of a place where love is nourished, a fire that slowly burns wood creating a dense poetic whole. “A sound from the past is full of life, arises from the death with a new clear light” The video reminds us of the sensual lightness of being in love and the great fortune of being loved – all finished with astonishing visual details.We are very happy about this discovery and look forward to March where Haab releases her second single.

But first, make sure to check out “Ocean Eyes” by Haab and the video clip below and we hope you can feel the comforting warmth of words and melody.

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