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It has almost been a year since Copenhagen’s electronic pop duo Dusin released their vibrant debut EP Halvtolv”. Frankly, we never got bored of it at Good because Danish. There’s something almost magical about Mads Vadsager’s multilayered production and Jesper Nohrstedt Boesgaard’s soft vocals that makes you instantly hooked on the music. As the band kept gaining momentum, we were wondering with excitement about their next move.

As the calendar turned to 2019, Dusin treated us to the funkyMens Alting Størkner” (Danish “While Everything Solidifies”). Like all Dusin songs, Mens Alting Størkner” is catchy in a gentle, unostentatious way. At the same time, it doesn’t sound like another track off “Halvtolv” – evidently the band has been experimenting and came to a fruitful outcome.

The music video, directed by Søren Frederiksen and Bertil Rosenkrands, takes you to what looks like a dreary party in a hazy room. The 90’s vibes and modern filming style give the video a beautiful cinematic effect and complement the song perfectly by adding a mysterious touch to the story.

If you understand Danish, you’ll hear that the lyrics are rather dark, and yet, the upbeat melody and energetic delivery will still make you want to dance. Another fantastic Danish band Scarlet Pleasure, for example, excel at the irony of serious and often sad lyrics with extremely energetic and danceable production. If that’s the path Dusin have decided to go down, then we can’t wait for more. No album or tour announcements have been made yet, but Mens Alting Størkner” is a strong indication that Dusin are the band you should keep a tab on this year.

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