At Good because Danish we are all big fans of music (as you might know already). Each of us listens to a lot of different kinds of music and not only Danish tracks of course. But focusing on Danish music, there is a lot of stuff we like, but don’t manage to share with you on the blog in form of regular, longer posts. Therefore, we decided to combine our favourites Danish songs and releases into one post from time to time. So you wouldn’t miss what we think is worth listening to.

There will be some old and new music, songs we come back to every now and then, songs which we have on repeat for days and some which we need to rationalize, but still love.

These days I listen to…

Kwamie Liv – “New Boo”

Yes, there was a post about this one on the blog already. But at the end of 2018, when I checked my personal Spotify summary of the year, it turned out that this already is my most listened to track… ever. How did it happen? When did it happen? No idea. It just happened. I still listen to the song almost every day and when I do – it is more than once. It has an almost hypnotizing power. I’m completely seduced by “New Boo” and by the whole Kwamie Liv‘s debut album. My 2019 wish is to hear it live and see if it’s as amazing as the recorded version.

Once you get hooked by the bass line, you won’t be free from “New Boo” for a loooooong time.


The EP from a duo WIDE is not a new one, they’ve released it back in August 2018, so quite some time ago, but I only discovered it now and I’m really happy about it. It makes me appreciate the Danish music industry. Why? Because, as many of the Danish releases we receive at Good because Danish, it is SO-WELL-PRODUCED. And that gives the song a whole new quality! WIDE put together a collection of tracks which go so smoothly from one to another that you almost don’t notice when the EP ends. 

“XYXX” EP contains 4 very sexy, freeing songs, with vocals wrapped around twinkling, playful beats. It’s a complete release, where every track is at its place and there is not more nor less, just a perfect amount of compositions. Listening to WIDE’s music feels a bit like taking a nice, long bubble bath. Candles everywhere, bath salts working, the body and mind relaxing… a perfect treat to oneself. 

Chimes & Bells – “Do The Right”

Some songs just come back to us in the most unexpecting way. “Do The Right” just came up on one of the playlists I was going through and made me realize there are so many great Danish songs out there! Chimes & Bells music took me down the memory lane and made me come back to other timeless releases from acts like Alcoholic Faith Mission, Efterklang, Coco O. or When Saints Go Machine and Mikkel Simpson. My advice – keep your archive playlists and old albums close. If you really love them, they never fail to amaze and remind you why music is just the best.

Martin Baltser – “Manuel”

The song “Manuel” from Martin Baltser became my Christmas/winter-time song immediately after the first listen. It has everything that a track for this time of the year needs. It’s calm, cosy, a little bit melancholic and thoughtful, with the sounds that bring to mind falling snow. And if you need to maybe share a tear or two over some missed moments, this song will help too.

Silas Bjerregaard – “Ikke på andet”

Last year I literally shared a tear in April, when I attended my last (out of 14) Turboweekend show, at VEGA in Copenhagen. Earlier in 2018 the band announced the end of their work together and played last concert in August 2018. No more Turboweekend. They are the most special Danish band for Good because Danish. It all started 8 years ago because of their song “Trouble Is”.

Now the members went their separate ways and I was looking forward to hearing what the lead singer – Silas Bjerregaard do as a solo artist. His first single is titled “Ikke på andet”, sang in Danish, and something I am still not 100% sure of. I must admit, as I first heard it I got sad and kind of disappointed. It is nothing like Turboweekend, it’s in a way sounding very mainstream (and not in an entierly good way to me). But the more I listen to it, the more I realize it just never fulfils my ridiculous expectations because it will never be Turboweekend. After accepting that fact, I actually started enjoying the song.

It has the power and certainty of finally knowing what to do, what’s right. When you hear someone so sure of what’s important, it gives comfort and hope in a way. And one thing that definitely hasn’t changed is Silas’ vocal, which is one of the best you’ll ever hear (in my humble opinion). While waiting for more new music from Silas (and now I am definitely more open-minded), I made “Ikke på andet” a frequent guest in my speakers.


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