The Oceans is a Copenhagen-based duo consisting of Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar, who have released first of their EP’s this year and will present a second one at the beginning of 2019. Today we have a privilege to premiere a video clip to a very special song “We Really Miss You” – a farewell song, remembering the duo’s close friend who passed away.

It’s definitely a truly tough thing to say “goodbye” to someone close to our heart and the grieving process may never really end. We don’t want to play smartasses here now or hit any high tone, but we’d like to appreciate the help of music when going through something sad and tough in life. We feel with songs like The Oceans’ “We Really Miss You”, it is somehow easier to deal with them. And we make a guess that it is also easier for the musicians themselves to feel some comfort.

“The song is an ode to a lifelong best friend, who sadly isn’t among us anymore. The song has helped to get through the sorrow, and it is written as if we were talking to her. The cheerful and upbeat melody and feeling of the song is written that way, so it’s easier to remember all the good times and conversations when the song is being played. When we perform the song live, it’s always with a heavy heart and a kiss towards the sky” – says the duo.

The Oceans created a very vivid composition and the video clip to it – filmed, edited and colorgraded by Per Joe – is also in some way joyful or hopeful. An autumn sunny day vibe has the bittersweetness which comes to mind when thinking about good times with a friend who’s no longer with us. And walking through the woods (or a park), maybe searching for some solution or reason – in this video clip seems to be comforting in a way.

“We Really Miss You” – both the song and the video clip – is like a smile through the tears and has a touch of the “Danishness” which we often write about on Good because Danish; this ability to be sad on one hand, but keep on going and remembering the good stuff on the other hand.

As we are in the middle of the Advent time and waiting for the joyful time of Christmas, we invite you to stop for a moment and maybe think of all the good moments with those of your close ones, who – from different reasons – are not with you anymore. Maybe The Oceans‘ song will bring this smile through the tears to your face.

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