With her debut album “Lovers That Come and Go” Kwamie Liv immediately went on top of Good because Danish most recommended releases from Denmark this year. Why?

First of all, it doesn’t seem like a debut album. “Lovers That Come and Go” is a truly well-thought piece of music, presenting a high level of musical maturity. Kwamie Liv instantly sets up her own style from the very first song. While listening to the album, at some point I thought “I need to listen to some other records from her”, then I realized – this is the first one! There is just something in those songs which makes you feel that they are sung by a really experienced musician. 

Second of all, Kwamie Liv delivers a record which can be both mainstream and alternative. Sounds impossible? Well, don’t know what to tell ya. That’s how I feel while hearing “Look at what I’ve done” or the single “New Boo”, for example. They sound great just popping up on the radio, but they also have this “freshness” factor, something low-key, not pushy, not trying too hard to be “trendy”, yet being “trendy” at the same time.

Third of all, “Lovers That Come and Go” has a special vibe. This sort of gloomy, sort of blurry, sort of mysterious and thoughtful atmosphere is present in every song. A dose of sexiness mixed with sadness is there as well. The whole album makes you wonder about relationships, love, loneliness, feelings in general. Even the more upbeat songs like “Follow My Heart” aren’t cliche and are able to speak about washed-out topics in a new way. 

Kwamie Liv is definitely a very intriguing artist and with her debut album, she presents all aspects of her style – from the very characteristic vocals, through the song arrangements, to the lyrics. I’m really curious what will come next from her and in the meantime have “Lovers That Come and Go” on repeat.

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