Sherpa – which is Carsten Eliasen and Tore Nissen – is really spoiling us with their new releases. This time they present a very strong new single “Soldier”, which is the first composition they created together as a duo. 

This is simply a good piece of music. No doubt. The majestic vibe fits the song theme perfectly and with the electronic twist and almost desperate vocals, “Soldier” delivers a pack of emotions which explode in the composition. 

Sherpa combined big sound with a universal theme of love which at some point is bigger from one side than from the other; at the same time – they made the story very personal and intimate. You can hear a man hurting and feeling left out on the battlefield of a relationship, while the song melody starts sounding like bombs falling on his head. 

“Soldier” hits a note inside the listener’s heart, is able to bring back personal memories. Yet, at the same time, the song could easily be a soundtrack of a big love drama movie or so. This combination of what’s general and what’s very intimate and unique to each person is what makes the song great. 

We took a chance to chat with 1/2 of Sherpa  – Carsten – about the song, about making music together as a duo and future plans, read the interview below and give “Soldier” a listen. 

“Soldier” is the first song you composed from scratch as a duo. What would you say is the best part of creating songs as a team and what is the biggest obstacle to overcome?

Yes, “Soldier” is actually the first song we wrote together, and it was also at that point we decided to be in a band together.

Writing songs together is both the best and the most frustrating thing. It can be frustrating to have different opinions on a song – music is subjective, so there is no right answer, which makes it even harder to speak your case. But at the same time when the right compromise has been made you understand that this process actually helps the song.

But with that being said we are really a perfect fit due to our differences. Tore is a very experienced pianist, producer and music director and has played on some of the biggest stages in the world. He has written hundreds of songs where I have a much more naive approach to songwriting. This creates a good synergy for us and has created a space where we feel the music represents us both.

How would you describe Tore as a musician?

Behind his back, I sometimes call him an eccentric professor because he is so focused on the idea at hand that he is almost impossible to get in contact with. You don’t really understand where he is going with the idea, but when he is finished it is often something very special. As a musician he is all about the feeling in the music – he always goes all in both in the studio and live.

You’re going on a tour around Denmark, what is the most exciting thing about live shows for you?

Yes, it is our first tour in Denmark and we are very excited to meet people in the provinces. We love to play live and feel that this is where our music is best represented. For me, singing to people live is a big adrenaline rush because so many things can happen – you can never plan exactly how the concert will proceed so it is kind of a leap of faith you take together with the audience, which is exactly what it is about.

“Soldier” is a very strong song, very “big” in a way – sound-wise. But also lyrically it has a message. What is the story you tell in it?

“Soldier” is a song about fighting for something together, only to find out that you are standing on the battleground alone. Many have experienced unrequited love, which is one of the themes in the song. You try to make the relationship work because you love the other person and you feel that you are in it together, but at one point you realize that the other person is not as invested in the relationship.

You’re releasing new songs and going to play concerts soon, what is next, can we expect a bigger release from Sherpa soon? An EP or an album maybe?

Yes, you can definitely expect more from us. We are not sure in which format yet, but an EP is not unthinkable. We are working on new songs so you should hear more from us, if not this year, then at the beginning of 2019.

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