Reeperbahn Festival – 19.-22.09. 2018: the German way

We were curious and wanted to know the differences and similarities between the two neighbouring countries Denmark and Germany. So we just asked some of our favourite Danish Reeperbahn Festival acts this year, read the answers.


22.09.2018 – Grosse Freiheit 36: 21:10

Whomadewho has always felt very close related to Germany and all your strong electronic music traditions. We have always tried fleeing from our Scandinavian melancholy and sadness. Your club-culture is very uplifting and we really love it.

All our releases (except one) have been on German labels because we feel at home musically in Germany.

In Denmark, we are considered a “party” band in a pretty one-dimensional sense if you ask me. Germany operates with so much more flavours. You understand the subtle nuances of the party and respect and appreciate the avant-garde. Always a joy playing around in your great country!


2nd Blood

21.09.2018 – Sankt Pauli Museum: 20:00

A difference as I see it is that Germany is welcoming people from all over the world to join their culture and also lets them keep their own at the same time. I’m aware that AFD exists and that shit is going down everywhere as well, but still, I think Germany has acted more responsibly and bravely than DK has in recent years. In DK we close the borders to protect our “cultural history” from getting infiltrated by anything new. People here are just so fucking scared.

It’s a phenomenon happening in most of the western world these years. People clinging on to some imaginary idea of what and who they are, led by stupid people just wanting a position in power. Politicians should have ideals and stand up for the cause in which they believe and stop caring about trying to be popular. Now it seems they only believe in themselves. Those kinds of people are the scariest.


The Courettes

21.09.2018 – Nochtwache: 22:30

Germany and Denmark love rock n’ roll! Like in any place on Planet Earth. No borders, no nations! Music is the universal language.

In Germany, the audience gets wilder. Maybe it’s connected with the size of the German beers!


The Florines

21.09.2018 – Nochtwache: 21:15

First of all both Germans and Danes like beer and sausages and both our languages sound like we have our mouths full of it when we talk.

It seems that both Danes and Germans like rock music but the rock music scene in Germany is much more alive with large rock festivals and such. But Denmark is ahead when it comes to “digital payment” like credit cards. It seems as though Germany is living in the Middle Ages when it comes to that. But one thing that is worth all of the admiration in the world is the German’s magnificent moustaches.



22.09.2018 – Indra: 23:45

I am sad to say that I don’t know much about Germany. I was only recently there for the first time playing my first ever German job. I really wanna change that and be able to explore the country more. But I sensed an atmosphere of diversity and openness when I was there. People were welcoming and curious. That is something I admire very much.