Get together with your loved one, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy each other in all aspects while listening to the intimate, sensual new single “Body of Water”, from an upcoming artist Josefine Alstrup-Mathiesen, performing under a moniker Aureola. Good because Danish is happy to present the song on its official premiere day and we will definitely listen to it with our close ones this weekend.

“Body of Water” is a second single released by Aureola and it definitely shows the potential and brings gentle brief of air with delicate melody and soulful vocals. There is something comforting in Aureola‘s voice. It covers the listener with a warm blanket and it is also very sensual and creates intimacy, which fits perfectly with the theme of the song. As Aureola describes it:

“”Body Of Water” is possibly my most intimate song to date, and is about sex, body and nature; and how the three intertwine, told from a distinctly feminine perspective. I really like the idea of longing and lust being this fluid thing between pure and reinvigorating and at the same time entirely all-consuming and unpredictable – just like water. For me, “Body of Water” is also a celebration of the body, and an acceptance of all the things I’ve wished were different about my own. It’s trying to shine a positive light on the work of nature the human body is, describing it poetically in its own right.” 

Even though Aureola is only 23-years-old, her song and vocals sound way more mature and she presents a certain peace of mind in the song, while not sounding too serious and too set-up in her ways. Thanks to that the new song’s flow is perfect, just like the flow of water. The whole vibe of the song brings calmness and creates a safe atmosphere – to cuddle, to kiss, to get intimate with someone. To dive into emotions and experiences of love, which Aureola encourages the listener to do. When it is with the right person, everything flows as smoothly and beautiful, as in “Body of Water”

There is something touching in Aureola’s song, which can’t be labelled. It gives hope and brings out the good things about the world and love. Listen to “Body of Water” on Spotify and keep an eye (or more – an ear) on Aureola, as we will for sure.

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