Shanghai and Copenhagen – two sides of the world that seem very far apart. Wild and calm. Loud and smooth. Asian and European. But then, there comes Lydmor. And suddenly you know, diverse worlds full of contrast melted into one. Into one excellent piece of music, made by a Danish singer deeply influenced by Shanghai’s atmosphere and character. “I told you I’d tell them our story” is Lydmor’s long-awaited new solo album, that came out today, 28. September 2018.

The twelve-piece release is a true ear-pleaser. Lydmor presents a very well-thought concept, letting the Asian inspiration mix freely with her own style. In the end, we get an album which is an unobvious pop-ish, but not really pop-ish release. We hear a strong female letting her creativity go wild, being in constant search for herself at the same time. Some songs from “I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story” are very edgy, the others show insecurity or question things. As a whole, it is a story about experiencing a place in the world and the artist’s place in time with all its uniqueness and unpredictability, and freshness. 

Highly excited about her new songs, we asked Lydmor for a little chat, to learn more about it. Have fun diving into Lydmor’s world!

While reading the interview, don’t wait any longer – hit play on the streaming platform of your choice and listen to the newest of the Lydmor jewels:

Good because Danish: We are very excited about your new album. Having already heard a few bits of it during your last shows, we can’t wait to see you touring with it. Looking at your last and your new album – what would you say are the biggest differences?

Lydmor: I think that when I was doing “Y” I was very much researching and trying out a lot of different directions. On ‘I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story’, I feel like I am more certain in my movements. I spent a lot of time thinking and looking at what I wanted to do in my head, seeing it from every direction. I wanted to create a mystery a little piece of mythology. Instead of doing it as I had done before, I tried thinking of it like a movie director or a writer. I think the result is quite interesting.

Your current live performances are boasting with visual effects. Did this idea also grow in Shanghai, where you stayed for a longer period? How did the creative process of combining visuals with your music look like?

I think that the year I went to Shanghai, was the year where I learned to set my creativity free. I spent so much time thinking and evaluating what it is to be an artist, and that changed me. I came back as a different artist. I feel completely free to do whatever I want, which I for some reason didn’t feel before. Experimenting with visual things is a big part of that. I had this idea of my skin glowing in patterns, so I just started experimenting with it. It is continually evolving, I am trying out new things all the time, to make sure that going to a Lydmor concert will always be a crazy experience.

Asia is so huge – why was it Shanghai that attracted you?

It was the weirdest place I had ever been. There was an attraction to it, that I can’t really explain. I just knew there was something I had to do there. Didn’t know what.

After having seen these contrast-rich worlds – Asia and Denmark – how do you feel about your future? Do you see it in Denmark?

Artistically I feel like my future is very exciting I have so many ideas these days and I am getting to work with some very awesome people from different art forms. I feel like my skin is the only thing that is keeping me from going everywhere at once. Locationwise I think I am keeping my base in Denmark the next while though. With all the travelling and working I’m doing these days, it is increasingly important to me to have a very solid and safe base. The apartment I’ve just moved into feels like it could become that base for a while. But in a few years, who knows? I still need to live in Mexico City and Paris. And probably a lot of other places as well. But I have a lot of life left to do that.

You have quite an intense tour ahead – do you have any rituals for your concerts? Or something that you always take on tour with you?

I actually don’t have any rituals per se. But before each show, I can feel my body gearing up, all on its own. Like it is gathering energy, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. On tour, I always bring recording equipment, because I get my best ideas sometimes at night in hotel rooms, and at least two books, because planes are the best places for reading.

One a bit more personal question, in a recent interview you mentioned Siri Hustvedt is one of your inspirations. Funnily enough, she is also one of my favourite writers. What is it that you find most inspiring in her?

I am completely fangirling over Siri. I love how scientific she is, without losing the emotional side of things. You can feel in her work how much research she does and how deeply she dives into the subjects she describes, but it doesn’t get over-intellectualized, it doesn’t feel like she’s trying to look clever. She just is, hehe, she is my role model, I want to be like her when I’m her age.

Additionally. if you’ve ever been on a Lydmor concert, you’ll know that the best news is, that you can see her perform her new album live soon. Check out the dates and make sure, you don’t miss it:

10.11.2018 – Hongkong (HK): Clockenflap Festival 
13.11.2018 – Stockholm (SE): Obaren – Event on Facebook
14.11.2018 – Malmö (SE): Babel – Event on Facebook
16.11.2018 – Copenhagen (DK): Lille Vega – Event on Facebook
17.11.2018 – Aarau (CH): KIFF – Event on Facebook
18.11.2018 – Hamburg (DE): Häkken – Event on Facebook
19.11.2018 – Berlin (DE): Privatclub – Event on Facebook
21.11.2018 – Amsterdam (NL): Paradiso
22.11.2018 – Cologne (DE): Stereo Wonderland – Event on Facebook
23.11.2018 – Brussels (BE): AB Club – Event on Facebook
24.11.2018 – Paris (FR): L’Olympic Cafe – Event on Facebook
26.11.2018 – Bristol (UK): Louisiana – Event on Facebook
27.11.2018 – London (UK): Waiting Room – Event on Facebook
28.11.2018 – Manchester (UK): The Castle – Event on Facebook
30.11.2018 – Warsaw (PL): BARdzo – Event on Facebook
01.12.2018 – Budapest (HU): Dürer Kert – Event on Facebook
02.12.2018 – Cluj-Napoca (RO): Atelier Cafe

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