We don’t know about you, but at Good because Danish team, we love autumn. It’s the time when awesome new music is being released and Communions with their single “Is This How Love Should Feel?” join the wave of new sounds coming our way at the beginning of long nights and short days’ time. The song fits it perfectly, as it has energy as well as presents a sort of a peaceful melancholy.

If you share a sentiment to the times of the indie-rock reign with me, you will enjoy a lot listening to the “Is This How Love Should Feel?”. The guitar opening brings to mind Death Cab For Cutie, the song melody – the British (/Swedish) indie-rock bands like The Razorlight. What’s important is – these are just very delicate touches, which don’t take any originality away from Communions’ music. The band seems to master the use of influences and inspiration without copying too much. 

 On their album “Blue”, Communions sounded very true and rough. It is still the same as their new music when it comes to sounding true, however, the sound is more clear to me. There is more melody and less artistical noise in “Is This How Love Should Feel?”. The band went in a slightly different direction with the song, achieving an effect of a track which has character but is also somehow more open and friendly to the listener. But it still has the same energy as previous songs, has the urge to be on the move, it comes out of every tune and impacts the listener immediately. 

While listening to the new Communions track, the images of a rainy city in the rush hours come to mind. With a lonely person wandering around, thinking, trying to figure things out, and in the end – not finding much sense in anything? And that person turns out to be me – the listener.“Is This How Love Should Feel?” melody is both blurry and sharp, which creates a feeling of walking in between two layers of reality for me. While listening to the song, I am aware of the objects and people I am surrounded by, but at the same time, they are separated from me and I look at them from distance.

Try it out – take this song for a walk, especially if you live in a place where – like where I live – autumn struck hard and rain, wind and cold are here to stay for long. 

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