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Summertime is coming to an end slowly, and the good thing about it is that musicians come back from playing festivals to releasing new music. The duo Sherpa presented a glimpse of what is to come this month, with a new single “Guillotine”. It’s a perfect song for those of you in need of a cool pop song with a twist.

Sherpa already established a style and character of their music with the earlier release –  the wonderful “Fornever”. Now they follow the setup path with a bit more upbeat song, which definitely catches attention. “Guillotine” underlines in a very stylish way the unique vocals of Carsten Sherpa Eliasen and mixes them with an upgraded old school beat. The final effect gives a song that is enjoyable, but also – not so obviously “just fun”.

There is a touch of sadness or melancholy in the music, but most of all – in the not-so-joyful lyrics to “Guillotine”. Which is something that I personally really like – those songs which make your body dance, at the same time making your thoughts wander and go back in time to moments in your life when you felt insecure, worried and being on the edge of things in your relationships, not really knowing what you did wrong. “Guillotine” is this kind of a song. A love song, a “worried heart” song, a bittersweet composition. 

Sherpa has a really good sense of balance in their music. They know how to make a track which won’t be too trivial or too shallow but also – won’t be excessively serious or bombastic. In the space in between, their songs have the power to catch the attention of different listeners and keep them interested and hungry for more. 

Check out “Guillotine” on Spotify or SoundCloud and find out if it has the effect of “being sad” or more – “being thoughtful on the dancefloor”

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