As the hardcore fans of Turboweekend, we are super sad that the band said goodbye after 12 years of making music as a group. However, at the same time, we are really excited, because it seems that each of the four Turboweekend members is planning on staying on the Danish music scene in one way or another. First to show a glimpse of his “life after Turboweekend” as a musician is the band’s bass player – Morten Køie. His first single “The End” from the band under the name Mr.Koifish was released on Friday, 24. August 2018 and it is as much a delight as it is a surprise.

The song titled “The End” starts with lyrics “there is new life coming”, which is quite a contradiction and an uncanny choice of words when you look again at the song title. While getting deeper and deeper into the song, I find more and more surprises in it. The calm thoughtfulness is transformed from the band to the listener with the lyrics, which sort of ride on the gentle guitar riff in the background. Seems like it is all familiar? Well, the surprise is, that the vocals are not 100% natural, but you can hear a big dose of sort of a “space’ish” auto-tune of them. The final effect is as intriguing as it is… haunting.

The song, recorded with Morten’s wife Sofie Hannibal, is about new beginnings and leaving the past in the past, in a positive way. This toned down way of lyrically and musically telling the story can really bring peace of mind.

Morten says: “(…) Mr.Koifish is the place where I can fit all my inspirations, personality and my sweet friends in music into one big family of sounds. And in this track, I pay homage to my great love of trip-hop and I also indulge myself with a nice big helping of auto-tune too. Let’s have some fun! (…)” (press material)

As Turboweekend was a group effort, the four band members needed compromises. They brought us great songs, but in the new project, Morten Køie seems to have space to truly show his own style and inspirations.

Mr.Koifish shows a side of him which is definitely worth getting to know. Good because Danish is looking forward to seeing what’s more to come from this project.

Listen to Mr.Koifish’ “The End” on Spotify.

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