Another valuable treasure of electronic pop music lies in our hands. mono mono just released their new EP “Natural” beginning of June.

The EP describes the natural feelings that characterize and unit human beings. Karoline Elsig and Jakob Franck have a sharp eye for how people cope with their own vulnerabilities sometimes also perceived as flaws. The duo underlines the positive aspect that exactly those flaws are natural and are part of us. For instance, isn’t the most longing of people the longing for love which all connects us in some way?

The five songs are deeply moving, powerful and occasionally hair-raising. It is awakening to rediscover how crippling heartache, loneliness, relief, sadness, and melancholy can be. Listen for yourself!

The EP hits off with the single “You”. Immediately, Karoline’s distinctive vocals and Jakob’s beats captive you. The song describes the phase right after a breakup between two people where everything still seems blurry and unsure.

This song deals with parting and the feelings connected to that. The expression is hard and cold in the verses, whereas the chorus is soft and dreamy. This is a symbol of two individuals in the intersection between being together and parting. “You” displays the vulnerability of new beginnings and the fear of being lonely”.

The fear of loneliness and what it makes you do to fight it is exactly what the second song “Watching” describes. Being with someone out of habit, or the idea of being in love is the birthplace of an inner emptiness and quiet sense of despair. The slow melody never falls apart but it is the vocals that play the key role somehow chasing the rhythm and the memories of feeling love.

“Rumours” is an interplay of vocals and electronic tunes which will be spooking in your head for a long time.

The story in the verses is about greediness and the feeling of wanting more. The chorus corresponds to this with “Rumors gonna let me know, I’m all alone”. This demonstrates that knowing everything will not necessarily make you happy”.

There is a dramatic interplay between Karoline’s elegant voice and the spirited dominant melody.

With “Feel” on the other side you lean back and close your eyes to enjoy the dreamy melody. The comforting vocals create a unique sensitivity. Quite in contrast to the context of the song which focuses on all the secrets and lies between people which reveals another fundamental natural flaw of humans.

The last song “Free” with its saxophone tunes gives the album and its context a strong but soft ending which set the listener free with its dreamy melody. It’s a song about acceptance and moving on and stands in contrast to the other four tracks.

Natural” is an EP with a lot of feelings and impressive moods – a warm summer evening on the balcony with one of those beautiful Copenhagen sunsets and a glass of wine in your hand.

And if you can’t get enough of them, we are happy to announce that they will go on tour in Denmark at the end of this awesome summer.

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