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Whoop, whoop! Time is flying and soon Roskilde Festival is celebrating its 48th edition. We at Good because Danish– and I in particular– are excited. Finally, I have the time to join! As it is the case each year, top-class artists from all genres from many different nationalities and contexts will create a good time atmosphere. Who doesn’t want to ride a wave of nostalgia when Eminem, Gorillaz, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or Massive Attack play the soundtrack of our precious youth? Not to mention the many Danish artists adding to an irresistible experience. And I don’t want you to miss out! Therefore, I will now present you my list of Danish acts I think you should definitely not miss this year.

ELLIS MAY Countdown, 3. July 2018, 16:30

Ellis May, that is the talented singer, sound designer and producer Sophia Maj, takes you by surprise on a dreamy journey with her melodious voice and playful melodies. She combines low and high voices with electronic elements and creates truly touching songs. Her voice fits seamlessly with the melodies but at the same time it stands out enormously. I saw her at Frost Festival this winter for the first time. She has an aura of calm and dignity on stage and her performance creates a remarkable intimacy.

FOOL, Countdown, 3. July 2018, 18:00

No-one should miss out on FOOL, the soul-pop duo, on any circumstances. Not least because they guarantee an amazing atmosphere. Talented and energetic guys! At SPOT Festival 2018 they had literally to be kicked off stage because the crowd just did not want to let them go. FOOL, that is Rasmus and Adrian, and in just two years they took over Denmark by storm. Their lyrics reflect and express honestly their thoughts and feelings, and their music is an explosive and moving mixture of soft and warm vocals and pushy dance beats.

VETO, Arena, 7. July 2018, 19:00

At the beginning of this year, the electro-rock band VETO released their new album “16 Colors” after years of silence. And it’s even better news that this year they are also back at Roskilde Festival. What can I say; their concerts are just spectacular and a lot of fun. I expect the atmosphere to be overwhelming when the band plays their new creations as well as their old classics (please!) straight from the heart.

LUSTER, Rising, 2. July 2018, 20:00

That is my little Indie crush from SPOT Festival this year. Lead singer Jacob Haubjerg is already well known from projects like Sleep Party People or Palace Winter. And believe me, Luster can really “show you a good time” and “make you smile if you join [] [them] a while” as in their song “New Pleasure”. I promise you an exciting dance session between smooth rocking moves to gentle melancholic swinging and a lot of catchy melodies.

ALEX VARGAS, Arena, 6. July 2018, 14:00

Alex Vargas is currently one of the most popular Danish artists. He started writing songs when he got his first guitar at the age of 15 and since then he could not be stopped. When he was 17-years-old, he moved to London to dedicate his life to creating music. Good decision! His lyrics, voice, guitar, piano, and talent promise to create unforgettable images in the mind of every listener. Alex Vargas oscillates between rock, soul and alternative and forms his own language. His impressive and masterclass life performances are unforgettable.

That were the first five so stay tuned… more will follow.


Roskilde Festival 2018
30.06.-07.07.2018 – Roskilde: festival area – Event on Facebook

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