You know those songs that evoke an altered, somewhat dissociated state of mind? Well, we hope you’re into them, because we are premiering a song “Lesson Learned” by Oh Lois today and it is about to make you slip out of reality for a few minutes, so buckle up.

The ethereal melody, softly echoed vocals and expressive lyrics come together to create an eerie, psychedelic ambience of “Lesson Learned”:

“My hands moved around the sun / smooth and innocent / my transmissions with Earth sunburned / they burned in the sun”.

It’s actually frustrating how as soon as you get comfortable inside the song’s dreamlike atmosphere and let your mind wander off, the last verse snaps you right back to real life.

“For all the lessons I have learned and all the bridges I have burned / this goes out to you my darling, in black and white, I am not the one for you,” nonchalantly concludes the track.

Oh Lois is a new project of Aarhus/Copenhagen-based Søren Manscher, whose former band Harmonics seriously attracted Good Because Danish with the flair for storytelling. Even though Oh Lois sounds nothing like Harmonics, that particular trait didn’t change.

“Lesson Learned” isn’t quite your regular song because it doesn’t come from your regular album. The self-titled record is to be released on 24. June along with a comic-strip chapter from Manscher’s original comic “The Red Sun”. 

Now, comic-book rock isn’t really a groundbreaking concept thanks to Gorillaz and the like, but it sure is an exciting concept, and Søren Manscher seems pretty serious about it (I mean, come on, he even named the project after Superman’s beloved Lois Lane!)

So come back on the 24. June when we will explore the album as well.

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