This Danish-Canadian duo got us hooked at Good because Danish already with the single “Take Shelter”, so it is no surprise that we enjoy listening to the whole new album from Palace Winter – “Nowadays”.

The dream-pop-folk’ish vibe, the floating melodies, catchy vocals, a very specific kind of a lazy melancholy, this is “Nowadays”. From the very first tune of the intro song “Birth”, you instantly feel taken on the road by Palace Winter. Their release is a perfect soundtrack for any kind of a road trip – close or far. It gives a feeling of isolation and solitude in a crowd (like during listening to “Baltimore”), which can be felt during a travel by underground or a bus, or a tram. It makes you wanna jump into a car and just drive, while “The Ballroom” is playing. 

There is a constant feeling of being on the move in “Nowadays”. The music creates a background for physical travelling, but also – for the flow of thoughts, coming and going through the listener’s head. You can lose yourself in wondering about all the great and tiny life stuff while listening to “The Accident”, you can remind yourself of all the fun summer memories when you hear “Acting Like Lovers”. 

The value of the new Palace Winter album is – to me – the ability to create a characteristic sound, which doesn’t get boring after a while. The melodies and composition of the songs on “Nowadays” are built in a way that you know instantly, that this is a Palace Winter album. But some changes of the sound and atmosphere – like in the single “Take Shelter” (which is, in my opinion, one of the strongest points of “Nowadays”) surprise you in a way that leaves you hungry for more. 

Palace Winter made a record which can be a soundtrack of summer 2018 for many travelling music fans, including us on Good because Danish.

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