Love is as beautiful as it is painful. Love is as diverse as people are. But it is always a sign of not picking the safe way. You never know what love holds and it always shows that you are willing to take a risk – because you want to, because you fell for someone. Because love left a mark on you.

Therefore, choosing the title “Lovemark” for an EP promises a lot. But as always, we can count on Gottschalk. “Lovemark”, that came out a few weeks ago, is a beautiful and intense piece telling the multi-faceted stories of love.

Starting off with the title track, being followed by “Things that are real”, “Fireworks” and “Steady heart” the four songs float into each other and take us on a journey of love. From first impulses to the different chemistries between lovers as well of keeping and losing control, the tracks go right to our emotions.

Besides the well-told theme that shines a light on all the different aspects of love, Maria Gottschalk’s clear voice and the strong lyrics go to as straight our heart as the intense melodies that mirror all the fascinations of love.

“I have a very strong belief in love when I meet it. I find it so unique when a meeting with another person, where the chemistry is right, can open you up fully. I am fascinated by this connection between two people and when it feels right, I am ready to give myself fully”, Maria told us when we had a talk about her first single of the EP “Fireworks”.

Are you as fascinated by love? Then grab a glass of wine, get out on your summer balcony and enjoy this powerful compilation of Gottschalk’s views on love. Thinking about love – what else should a good summer night be about?

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