When we wrote about Select Captain two years ago on Good because Danish, reviewing his song “Out Of The Way”, we emphasized the relaxing, almost healing effect of his music.

Today we are happy to report that it’s still there, and that’s why we are so fond of Kristian Gaarskjær aka Select Captain.

As soon as you press play on “Highest Peak”, you know that it’s one of those songs that are essentially a musical equivalent of a hug.

While other artists are pulling out all the stops trying to stay relevant, Gaarskjær achieves it rather effortlessly. “Descend from the highest peak, let go of all you know…” suggests the soft voice. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, this song demands nothing from you. Just like a hug, it simply grounds you in the present moment.

Preceded by “Miles Apart”, a collaboration with Soluna Samay, “Highest Peak” is another teaser of Select Captain’s new album that’s due in Autumn.

The song was co-written with and produced by Esben Svane, alias The Radar Post. You can clearly hear the influence, too. Needless to say, these two very talented artists got along just fine – the end result is perfect.

So put on your comfiest clothes, get yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the song. Oh, and it comes with a beautiful video too!

Select Captain is touring in May. The dates are as follows:

01.05.2018 – Copenhagen: Mojo
04.05.2018 – Esbjerg: X-perimentet
05.05.2018 – Viborg: Ølluminati
11.05.2018 – Copenhagen: Ideal Bar
18.05.2018 – Aarhus: Gyngen – Event on Facebook
23.05.2018 – Copenhagen: Halmtorvet 9 – Event on Facebook
25.05.2018 – Fjerritslev: Fjerritslev Kro
29.05.2018 – Berlin (DE): Bar Bobu – Event on Facebook
30.05.2018 – Berlin (DE): Wohnzimmerkonzert – Event on Facebook

10.09.2018 – Copenhagen: Tivoli (band) – Event on Facebook

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