In the Good because Danish team, we love discovering new music. Especially when it is a gem like HunBjørn, with wonderful gentleness and melancholy. Today is a release of her debut single “A Flutter Of The Heart” and we are truly happy to premiere for you!

“”A Flutter Of The Heart” was the first song I wrote for my solo-project HunBjørn. I had just had a baby, and I felt that I had changed – that my sound and music had changed from becoming a mother. Something more gentle had evolved in me. I was thinking a lot about that, and I started writing songs about women of all ages, with lyrics from a woman’s point of view” – says HunBjørn about the song.

You can fall into “A Flutter Of The Heart” from the very first sound, as the “Danishness” comes out of each note. The melancholy or rather – thoughtfulness – creates an atmosphere of a misty, rainy morning, somewhere at the end of time and space, where we wake up with our heads full of wondering. The guitar sounds build a bridge for the vocals to walk on, and HunBjørn makes each step very carefully, yet with grace. 

“The lyrics came intuitively to me, and at first, I didn’t know exactly what the words meant. I was thinking about the early stages of learning about love. Being a teenager, being flirty and playful and at the same time so insecure and ignorant of the impact I had on others” – explains HunBjørn

Her voice brings to mind a water nymph, which is strengthened by the video clip full of water. Directed by Alexander Lind, the video clip perfectly synchronizes with the song, making the whole impression of “A Flutter Of The Heart” even stronger. 

“A Flutter Of The Heart” is a very good first glimpse of what HunBjørn has to offer with her music. The song is not the one that will put you on your knees, it is not a vivid dance hit – it is a gentle, graceful piece of (yes, we will use this word here) art, showing that discovering music is like walking through the labyrinth – you never know what is around the next corner. 

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