We’re well familiar with Mads Vadsager and his former solo project OH GUARD, but now he’s joined forces with Jesper Nohrstedt for a new electronic pop venture called Dusin.

For such a new band, Dusin have already made quite an impact. For example, their energetic single “Frisk Igen” gained them a slot at this year’s SPOT Festival through KarriereKanonen as well as opened other exciting live opportunities including a recent tour with rising stars Barselona.

Today, Good Because Danish is proud to premiere Dusin’s debut EP “Halvtolv”. The release consists of 6 groovy tracks in the Danish language, featuring our personal favourite “Først Nu”. Its melancholic interlude softly transitions into an upbeat song – the kind of song that gets stuck in your head and makes you want to play it on repeat. But don’t let the cheery and joyous melody mislead you – “I take responsibility, even though I don’t feel that I’ve fucked up, and now I’m ready for the worst that can happen” is a rough translation of the lyrics in the beginning.

In the video for “Først Nu”, produced by Anders Vestergaard and Viktor Nyqvist Sivert, the Dusin boys look spectacular – that is, of course, if you manage to take your eyes off the dancer, Ludmilla Freja Faber Striim, whose stunning choreography simply outshines everything else.

The problem with many debut records is that once you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all, for they are all too similar. That isn’t the case with “Halvtolv” which, despite being only 22 minutes long, is surprisingly diverse. Here we have intense pop bangers alongside calmer tracks such as “Alting Ingenting” where the focus shifts from Mads Vadsager’s production and onto Jesper Nohrstedt’s clean vocals. Interfuse the two just right, and magic happens – from the first seconds of “Alfahun”, you’re immersed into the atmosphere of hectic city life. A song that is so consuming, and yet so gentle and unostentatious does a great job demonstrating the power of Dusin’s hit potential.

Dusin take “Halvtolv” to SPOT Festival next week, where they are playing on Saturday at 16:30 at Radar, so start learning the lyrics and find some dancing shoes. We’ll never be able to dance as good as the beautiful girl in the video below, but standing still during “Først Nu” isn’t an option.

“Halvtolv” EP by Dusin is out now, and it is available here.

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