We are enjoying a spring boasting with many exciting releases of new Danish music. In May there is another one happening – the new EP of the Copenhagen-based duo Vesper. “Good morning” takes us on a journey – from personal to more business-related relationships and their effect on us. The mesmerizing voice of Nana glides over their electronic grooves and makes us listen closely from the first tune. Better be ready for another Danish music gem. 

Listening to new music is good, but as we are never enough curious at Good because Danish, we were happy to also chat with Nana and Mikkel to learn a bit more about the background of the new songs.

Good because Danish: You just released your new EP “Good morning” – exciting times! Tell us a bit more about the background of this EP. What inspired you, how did you come up with the topics of your songs?

Mikkel: Nana and I are good friends and often spend a lot of time talking about life in general. In the days where we wrote the songs, we had a lot of conversations about growing up and taking responsibility for your own life. The themes of the songs and the title of the EP are all different sides of those conversations.

Your first single “Woman” was a strong message to the fashion industry. How did you experience the reactions on the song?

Nana: Very positive, I received a lot of support from former colleagues and friends in the business. Not many have the freedom to speak out freely about the work situation and culture of the fashion industry. There is so much competition and so few actual jobs, that most designers don’t dare to speak up, in fear of losing their position and good will of the business. I have that freedom now, and I felt the need and responsibility to raise my voice about it. Hopefully, it will inspire others just a little. Anyway, listen to the song if you’re having a bad day, don’t let anybody treat you like shit, and go find or create a place that is actually worth your hard work, knowledge and passion.

“Glide” is your newest single. It is a mesmerizing track – how close is it to the personal experiences of yours?

Nana: It’s related to a lot of my memories, but the great thing about writing songs is that you can enter this other space and exaggerate all of your dreams and ideas. It’s one of my favourite places to go when your sliding or “Gliding” in and out of reality. Actually, I think I’m hanging out there most of the time when I’m writing. I love the feeling of moving in synergy with the other person or a song for that matter, it doesn’t happen often, but it is very precious to me. A mesmerizing feeling yeah, I really like that.

You are producing all your songs on your own. What is creatively more tricky, writing the songs or actually producing them?

Mikkel: The weird thing about writing music is that it is the hardest thing you can ever do, but also the easiest thing you have ever done at the same time. All of these songs were written in a matter of hours, but the actual process of writing, recording and producing them took around six months. We work a lot and make a lot of bad music, but once in a while we hit a creative nerve and in that small amount of time something amazing happens. All of these five songs are a testimony to that.

After releasing a new EP, there is always the question: what are your plans for the rest of the year? Will we see you live soon?

Mikkel: We played SPOT Festival last weekend and there are also a show at Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen and Huset i Magstræde soon. But hey, we’re pretty nice people to talk to so if you want to see us somewhere just write us a message and we’ll make it happen.

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