SPOT Festival is THE festival Good because Danish is looking forward to the most each year and 2018 is no different. Because where else to go if we want to find out what’s new and hot in Danish music, than to Aarhus in May? The answer is simple: there is no other place to be! The line-up of this year’s SPOT Festival is shaping up pretty awesome and we started digging into it to see what are our top #mustsee acts. Check out the blog the next weeks to read which SPOT Festival concert we will attend for sure.


The producer Jabs and the singer Adrian really surprised me and bowled me over when I saw them by chance at Sofar Sound Copenhagen in January last year. More than one year later, FOOL just received Gold for their rousing and powerful single “Strapped”. Don’t miss out on those two inspiring guys at SPOT Festival. And the best thing, we asked them a couple of questions about their experiences.

Good because Danish: the first time we took notice of you two was at Sofar Sound beginning of 2017. Already there you won the love of the audience. Since then it has been a rapidly inclining road to success for you two. Congratulations! How did you experience this journey?

FOOL: Oh, you’ve latched on early. We appreciate that! And thank you! It’s been crazy lately. First and foremost, we’ve enjoyed it. I think the thing we like the most, is to play live. To actually see and feel some of the people behind all the streams is amazing! When a room full of people sing back your lyrics, that’s when you realize how much people love the music. And that’s very surreal and exhilarating!

You describe yourself as an old-school rock band producing and writing the music yourself, expressing your own thoughts. How does that differentiate you from other artists?

It’s our understanding, that a lot of music nowadays, is a product of many different people. Teams of songwriters, producers and A&R’s are involved in a process, where they approach songwriting in a very speculative way. Whether it’s producers throwing around beats, songwriters hoping to get a cut somewhere or A&R’s searching for the next hit. It isn’t always like that of course; there are a lot of great people out there. We just try to approach it in our own way, which is purely emotional and with only the two of us in the room. What we feel like doing, what do we need to say and what do we have to offer the world and how do we see things. Like John and Paul…

What recording are you particularly proud of?

Ooooh, that’s a tough one!

Jabs: I think for me, out of the songs we’ve released, It’s Strapped. I think it has the perfect blend of good lyrics, ambitious music and it’s catchy yet unpredictable. I love, that people are digging this track, as that wasn’t a given to me.

Adrian: My favourite track so far is also Strapped. It’s got the message and the melody. People understand the words, the flow, the structure and the overall feeling described in the song. Everybody can relate to the lyrics in this gadget world we’re living in. It’s really cool to be able to tell people about a serious problem, in a turn-up way.

The single “Strapped” is about being trapped in everyday life, the repetition of the same thing and the need to break free, be adventurous again putting the phone aside and go outside. How do you relate to that?

We relate a lot to that! I think everyone does. Repetition is kind of a by-product of human existence. The hard part is to separate good repetition from bad repetition! You have to eat, sleep, shit etc. to be alive, that’s a given. But what about all the other repetitions we force on ourselves?! Do they bring you anywhere? Are you happy whilst doing them? Or are you just doing them without consciously choosing to, cause that’s not good? Social media and being a lot on your phone is kind of the best analogy for that kind of apathetic repetition, so; Turn off your phone and turn up your life!

We will see you at SPOT Festival 2018, this year, which is really exciting. What can we expect?

An energetic live show with only the two of us on stage, where we add live instruments to our productions. Amongst other things, JABS will get behind the drums. We’ll be like an electronic version of The White Stripes. AND we’ll showcase unreleased songs. We’ll do our utmost best, to give people a good non-repetitive experience! ;)


SPOT Festival 2018
09-13.05.2018 – Aarhus (DK): different locations – Event on Facebook 

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