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Sometimes you just need to relax, or you want to feel the emotions of calming yet intense electronic music. Troels Hammer is a musician who can provide you with the music needed for these situations: he certainly knows how to capture emotions in his music while keeping it relaxing and dreamy. He makes instrumental electronic music and is signed to Danish label Music of Dreams. His EP “Gold Coast” was released earlier this month and it’s truly magical.

The three tracks on this EP are quite diverse: the first song, “Moon of Quillimane”, is both emotional and relaxing, thanks to its minimal synths and melancholic melodies. Highlight“Boys in the River” – starts off with a synthesized boys choir. At some point, some percussion kicks in along with a kind of whistle, which makes it both danceable and enchanting. You’ll want to lie down and dance at the same time. This is definitely the strongest song on the “Gold Coast” EP.

Closing song “Lullabye” is a piano-driven song and reminds me of when you take a walk on a long, sunny summer night and when the sun goes down, you feel both happy and melancholic.

Troels Hammer really knows what he’s doing and what he’s doing is great! His music can make you feel relaxed yet emotional. This 3-track release definitely leaves us at Good because Danish longing for more, so make sure to have a listen to his older releases!

Listen to the “Gold Coast” EP on Bandcamp and keep an eye (and ear) on Troels Hammer in the future.

Guest Blogger: Fiona Lodder

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