As this week we will celebrate International Women’s Day, we take a closer look at a female side of Danish music industry.

At the beginning of this year, the Danish music scene boasts with lots of female power. We already had a look at several new songs by fantastic Danish women. Here comes yet another one that we are very happy to share with you: Gottschalk, the Copenhagen based alternative dream pop singer, just launched her new single called “Fireworks”. 

We wanted to know more about this intense and melodic song about love – and about her. Enjoy reading the little interview we had with Gottschalk and learn more about a very special woman within the Danish music industry.

Good Because Danish: You are in the music business since 2011 – Was there ever anything that you had to overcome or making music came sort of naturally for you?

Gottschalk: In 2011 I had just moved to Copenhagen from Fune and was about to prepare my songs for an audition to the music conservatory. I really wanted to perform my own songs at that time, but got rejected. Despite the rejection, I was really proud of and happy with the songs, and my drummer asked me if we should record the songs and we did. During the recordings, my producer said that I had 3 songs.. so if I could write a few more I would have an EP. I wasn’t aware of the fact, that I could release my music on my own. But so I did. It felt so natural for me to just believe in it and share my music.

What would you say was the biggest obstacle for you to start making music (either internal or external)?

My biggest obstacle was, that I didn’t have any idea about how the music business was working. I was new in the capital city, didn’t know many in the music business and as it was my project, I was also feeling a bit alone about the whole thing. Quickly though, I met with the very talented pianist Morten Puper and I found so much support in our friendship. He is such a caring and giving spirit from who musical creativity is just pouring out. Obviously, I had to have him in the band! He helped me focus on the music and not worry too much about the business. Slowly I learned more about the music business, and I still am.

Do you feel that music business in Denmark has changed a lot since you started?

It is hard for me to answer that, as I’m still finding it very difficult to navigate in this industry. The opportunities are multiple and the amount of platforms, where you can share your music, is endless. That means that it has become both easier to share your music, but also that more artists and bands are competing with each other.

Your new single is called “Fireworks” – tell us a bit more about the track.

“Fireworks” is the first single from my upcoming EP “Lovemark”. I and my two mates from my band recorded the song 2-3 times live, picked the best take and put some drums and beat on it. The storyline is describing how you meet love, lose it again and in the end still have hope for it. It is a dreamy song that romantically is believing in love until the end. Falling in love makes people go crazy, and I found the title “Fireworks” suitable for the description of the picture of how you can feel you’re going to explode because you can’t really hold all these strong feelings inside of you.

Is there a special story behind the song that you would be happy to share?

The song is inspired by own very strong feelings when it comes to loving another person. I have a very strong belief in love when I meet it. I find it so unique when a meeting with another person, where the chemistry is right, can open you up fully. I am fascinated by this connection between two people and when it feels right, I am ready to give myself fully.

You are mainly known in Denmark but have been touring in Germany and other countries as well. How do you feel about the different audiences?

I’ve always loved playing in Germany because the audience there is very open for Nordic music. Going out to concerts, also with artists you don’t know, is a very big part of the culture in Germany. My experience in Denmark is, that you don’t go to a concert with an artist you don’t know – unless it’s a part of a festival or if that Danish artist is hyped in some way. But I’ve always experienced a very aware and kind audience in both Denmark and Germany.

As we really enjoy your new single, we are of course keen to know, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

I’m very happy that you on Good because Danish like my new single! I’m not sure what 2018 will bring. I’m releasing my EP “Lovemark” on May 4th. The EP consists of four songs recorded live and with a common theme of a lovemark remaining. Hopefully it will lead to more live shows in the summer and in the fall, and of course, I will get back to writing new music.

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